Wednesday Windows 08.14.13 – Finding My Voice

I looked through a stack of papers trying to find a new pad to write on.  What I found was the “book” I had made as a child that I wanted sent out to … [Continue Reading]


Tuesday Teasers 08.13.13 Houses

Today is going to be a teaser!  Not so much for you all, but for me...and possibly my husband!  We are starting to look around to see what is out … [Continue Reading]


Follow me Friday 08.09.13 – Plum Paper and my ARC Planner

When I started this blog, Fridays were a way to allow others to post and follow.  Well, we all know I am making changes!  This is one of them.  Follow … [Continue Reading]

cover of planner

Threaded Thursdays 08.08.13 – Candy Crush

I miss my sewing machines.  Yes, you read that right.  Machines!  As in more than one!  Why would a person need more than one?  Why because they do … [Continue Reading]


Wednesday Windows 12.7.11 Pictures

I am so excited to have this on the way to me.  It is the Canon Rebel T2i.  I thought about getting the T3i, but I don't think that the flip out … [Continue Reading]

Canon Rebel T2i

Follow me Friday 09.16.11

I can't have today just be a boring follow me and post your links.  I have to add something a little extra to it.  So I am posting some pictures of my … [Continue Reading]

Kenneth and Sydney August 2011