31 Day Challenge #1 08.28.13

I am trying something new!  A few friends wanted to try a blog challenge.  So I figure, why not!  I am trying to get back into the habit of writing, I might as well work on a blog challenge.  May we all hope this goes better than my photo challenge!  Today is expected to be my introduction.  I am a critical thinking, believe it or not!  So I am thinking a lot harder about this introduction.  There are no directions.  Is this expected to be an introduction to the challenge, if so, I am done!  Or is this an introduction to me, to my blog, etc.  See…being critical.  In some areas, this is a good trait.  In other areas, not so much!  I over think everything.  And I mean everything.  And since I do, I will do an intro for them all.

Intro to challenge:  Already done!  31 days…31 posts.  I need to keep at this and not allow it to turn into the photo challenge!

Intro to blog:  This started as a business blog when I sold cloth diapers and other baby items.  Like my life, it has evolved.  It has turned into a more of an everything blog.  Whatever I feel like posting about.  And once in a while, I post useful information.  The rest of the time it is me getting a chance to write.  And I love to write.  And I am random.  So there is really no telling what might spill out next.  So there is the likelihood that it will be entertaining if nothing else!

Intro to me:  I love to stay busy.  To the point where I go a little crazy.  I have always been this way.  I like to feel like I make a difference, even if it is only to get someone to smile!  I like to be the center of attention, even though I start out as shy.  Once I warm up, watch out!  Love sports!  Went to college to be a teacher.  Realized I don’t like the system…and I was tired of being asked for my hall pass.  Worked at a credit union for a while.  My degree was is mathematics and secondary education so accounting seemed logical.  I am not stuck in a cube in the middle of a building with no window!  Sounds like fun, right!  Now you know why I need an outlet!  I have two beautiful children and a loving husband.  They are my reason for being!  They keep me going and keep things interesting.  And then of course there are the friends and family that provide variety.  And of course, I have volunteer work and direct sales!  My true passion is touching the lives of others and making a positive impact.  I love to craft, create, play, and write.  My goal is to be able to focus on my family and my passions and make my way out of the windowless box!

I think that covers the introductions!  I can’t wait to see what others come up with!

31 day challenge