31 Day Challenge #2 08.29.13

I made it to day two!!!  Wohoo!  So I have to post the picture again to remind myself what I need to do again!  Mommy brain, it is a real thing!  Don’t ever dispute that!

31 day challengeI will try to get some pictures to add to these.  Otherwise on the main page it will be filled with these blue boxes.  But at least it isn’t the blue screen of death!  Because that means I get to listen to my husband talk about how long it is going to take him to rebuild his computer.  I think he secretly wish, hopes, possibly prays, that something will happen to it so that he can go through this process again!  That is as long as there isn’t a new W.O.W. plugin or whatever it is called or a fantasy football draft involved!  And so I am side tracked…typical!  Back to the challenge.

Day #2: 20 Facts about me!  I feel like this is the toilet paper game.  The one where you pass it around as an ice breaker and they say take as much as you need.  This could get really interesting.  Especially when you see someone only take one.  Really, unless you use a leaf, you will use at least 3 squares and if it is the thin stuff…up for debate.  So, think wisely the next time there is an ice breaker and they say take as much as you need!  And there is always that person that gives you a week long story for every sheet and the person that gives you a word for each sheet.  I fall between those…sometimes!

1.  My name is Monique.  See, I used more than one word!

2. I played the kilt sports in high school.  If you don’t know what these are, think back to school and what girls you saw wearing these dreadful plaid things that resemble a skirt and wore spandex under them!  I think they have gotten better over time.  I still think they were cute!  So in case you can’t figure it out, Field Hockey and Lacrosse!  Though I still think there is a cheerleader trapped inside me!

3. I was originally going to play both of my kilt sports in college.  My college was in the process of going to division I though.  And I was told by my coach that was giving me a partial scholarship that being serious about one sport is what I needed to do.  This is the same coach that told me that the only reason I was on the team and getting an increase was for my grades!  Talk about a confidence booster!  And everyone wondered why I started to let go of my drive of a sport I loved!  So Field Hockey was my chosen sport!  And I will also say, NEVER let anyone belittle your passion for anything!  I should have never let her get to me!

4. I went to Longwood University to become a teacher!  I did get my teaching certificate.  I was certified to teach math, grades 6-12.

5. I didn’t end up teaching because they handed out all of the open positions at the job fair.  You might want to ask your kids teachers what subject they are certified to teach!  You might be surprised!

6. I picked my major based on the fact that my honors biology teacher told me that she could have never been a math major.  I was floating between a B and a C in her class.  It killed me that her class was beating me.  I was getting As in all of my math classes!  And I had a 7th grade math teacher, Mrs. Dixon, tell me that I didn’t ask enough questions and so she couldn’t put me in Calculus!  I showed her too!  That said, I am kinda glad she didn’t.  I was on top of the world for math!

7. I thought about switching majors when I was at Longwood.  I was thinking about business or accounting.  I kept thinking about my MBA for the longest time.

8. I am now an accountant, more or less.  Though while I am good at it, I don’t want to be doing it forever.  I know I am burnt out.

9. I worked as a teller for just over a year.  I actually loved it!  May not have all the time.  But I was able to talk to people all the time.  If I could make what I make now as a teller, I would go back!  I love working with people and feeling like I have helped them in some way.

10. While at the credit union, there was only one person that made me cry!  It was a member, not even an employee!  Never in my life have I ever had someone make me feel so small when I didn’t deserve it!  He pulled out a checkbook and slid it in front of me.  He didn’t say anything else.  I asked him what I could do for him.  He said I would like to make a withdrawal from my account.  I pulled up his account, there were several that money could be pulled from.  I asked him which one.  He just kept pointing to his checkbook.  Again, he had several accounts that you can have checks for.  It went on like this and I listed out all of his accounts.  He belittled me and made me feel small and stupid for his lack of communication.  I now see this same man at my current place of work.  He seems to be completely fine here.  But I notice that with people who have jobs that seem lower than him, he treats them in the same manor he treated me.  It makes me sick.  If I see it happen again, I am going to take up for the person he does it to!

11. I have two chihuahuas.  They are so sweet and considered seniors now.  They are as sweet as can be!

12. My husband and I started dating September 11, 2000.  The day of our one year anniversary is a day nobody will forget.  I was on my way to class.  I thought the guys were talking about a video game.  It didn’t seem real!

13. My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day.  It should have been at midnight.  I started a fight with him because I was tired and wanted to go to sleep.  He wanted to keep me awake.  We missed an announcement on the radio for me because of it.  He still proposed to me even though I was being a huge brat!  Though there is another b word that would work there as well!

14. My real passion has always been writing.  I love that I can think through what I am about to say.  I love that the words flow through my hands so much easier than they do through my mouth.  I can keep myself from saying um and the other thing about a million times!

15. I love to sew!  I love to create and craft!  I just have a hard time finding the time to do it.  One day I want to make time for it though!

16. I have blonde hair!  And I have my special moments for sure!  They bring my husband a great deal of pleasure.  Laughing is good for the soul!  I will have to share some of the stories!

17. I dream big!  I get carried away with thinking of all the things I want to do and accomplish.  It is to the point that I tend to lose track of the steps I need to take to get there.  I am getting better at this.

18. I thrive on organization.  Everything has a place.  When it isn’t there, I go a little crazy.  My husband works off of organized chaos.  My kids, I am not sure what they work off of.  And so things have been in disarray.  I keep saying I will organize it all again one day.  But I don’t want to miss a day with my family.

19. I have a son and a daughter that I love more than anything in this world.  I am amazed by them on a daily basis.  Even when they make me want to pull my hair out!

20. I married my best friend and the love of my life.  He completes me.  We balance each other.  He makes me feel special.  He supports me in his own way.  He loves me for me.  He is willing to do anything to prove it to me to.  I don’t know what I would do without him!


And that sums up my 20 facts.  And I did go a little over the top.  At times I edged on the side of the person that gives you a life story.  But that is me.  This is who I am!  Until tomorrow…