31 Day Challenge #3 08.30.13

We move onto day #3!  That looks kinda funny to look at.  Maybe I should say we more onto day number three.  Regardless, onward we move!

31 day challengeNumber 3 on the list is meaning of my business name.  I am starting to think that this applies more to people with a business.  I have my blog, I have my J.O.B., and I have direct sales.  I did own my own cloth diaper business a while back though.  So I will talk about all of those!  Well, except for the J.O.B. because honestly, it is just a place I work at.  It has a boring name.  It would be like saying that a person who works at a pet store works at a store called The Store of Pet.  See, kinda lame!  Though pets are cool.  So who knows…

Old Business: Mama Momo – though at times it was Mama Momo Online.  Officially it was Mama Momo.  I always had my friends call me Momo, they picked it.  Though I do have a story book I made as a kid where I called us all by the first two letters.  It was Coco, Yoyo, and Momo.  I know there was a tree on the front of it.  I don’t remember the rest.  So that is where Momo came from.  And it was a store for moms and I was a mom and still am a mom.  So…Mama Momo.

Direct Sales: Origami Owl – No, I don’t sell owls.  Though by the number of owls we all try to put on our tables, you would think we do!  When Bella was 14, she started the company.  She enjoys origami and she thinks owls are wise.  So the name came about like that.  She is pretty amazing and so is the company she helped build.  So I think wise goes with it well.  And we put things together, with jewelry.  So origami with pieces of metal, though I don’t advise trying to fold the pieces…

Blog: All Things Mama Momo – Well, I kinda cheated on this one.  It came about on a group I was a part of.  I always have something that I am involved in.  So rather than just saying Monique’s business, it was All Things Mama Momo.  I loved the idea of it and decided to name my blog after it.  I think it is fitting since I talk about all kinds of stuff here!