31 Day Challenge #4 09.03.13

Three days of no posts isn’t too bad for me.  I used the time to spend with my kids.  While I am worn out, I really enjoyed the time with them!  And now I am back to writing again!

31 day challengeToday it is time for my earliest childhood memory.  There are a few that are from pre-school.  Everything is a snip-it.  And because of that, I feel like I need to include them all.  Also, because I don’t recall exactly which one was first.

I remember a lot of playground time.  Part of this I know was at my daycare and part of this was at the park.

-Being lined up under and overhang with all the other kids at Kinder Care while it poured down rain.  We would stand there and sing rain, rain, go away.  It was awesome.

-I remember having an altercation with a friend in pigtails and dark hair that sucked her thumb.  I believe I bit her.  I don’t recall more than that though.

-I remember brushing my teeth at pre-school.  We would line up in front of the water fountain after lunch.  They would give us a dab of toothpaste on our finger and we would attack our teeth.

-I remember one of my birthdays at pre-school.  My mother was wrapping my birthday gifts and I sat in our bathroom playing with some of them before she wrapped them.  I was a little on the spoiled side!  I believe that was the year I got the Barbie Van.  The next day we had cupcakes or cake.  I got to sit at the head of the table.  I believe I even got to open my gifts at school.


Trying to think back is hard.  It is interesting to see what we remember versus what we let go of so quickly.