31 Day Challenge #5 09.18.13

Yes, there has been a bit of a gap.  Life happens.  We take a step back and we get carried away…with life…or whatever!  Time to get back on track with my writing again!

31 day challenge

I am now on number five!  This is my guilty pleasure.  This isn’t as easy as all that!  I have a few.  There are three in particular that I am going to talk about.

First, I love custom items.  I thinks this all comes from me being me and being unique.  I like to have things that are all mine.  I love to have them specifically made for me or someone I love.  I get items custom made for my kids and myself.  I also think it goes back to me trying to be crafty.  I love things to really be one of a kind.  I think I started my own business back in the day so that I could play with design and graphics and have my own logo.  The first one was just bad and I was disillusion to think that it was good.  There is a post all about it.  So I had a few others made.  And then I had this blog made.  I ADORE it!  It doesn’t stop there.  My most recent indulgence was my purse.  I looked on Etsy and couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for.  I did find an awesome shop that allows you to pick everything that goes into it though.  So I did that and contacted the seller and got a custom order.  It was amazing and I love it.  I will be doing a full review soon!1175248_10151830554191259_2005031112_nI adore this purse, wait until you see the inside!!!

Second, is Facebook!  Oh my goodness it is the biggest time suck ever!  I honestly wish I could get back all the hours I wasted playing Farmville!  I am happy to say that I refuse to pay money for any of the games associated with Facebook.  Still, I spend so much time reading what other put, finding out what is going on, having private conversations with friends, playing with my business page and events, and posting in general.  My husband says I am almost to the point where it is a daily account of what I do.  He says if he needs an update on me or the kids, he knows to check Facebook.  I am not that bad…and I make sure he always gets a text before I post about something important.  I can’t help it.  I like to share with others.  I love connecting with others.  Though the connection I get with others through Facebook is nothing like the in person or on the phone connection.  I want to have a real connection with others.  So I am trying to let go of Facebook more.  I am trying not to carry my iPhone or iPod all over with me when I am around the house.  This past weekend and the last few days I have tried to be good about this and really spend time with my kids and family.  And you know what, it was amazing!  I did get behind, but the moments with my kids were priceless!

Third, books on my Kindle.  This includes the App.  I am a little addicted to buying electronic books and reading through them.  And not all of them are exactly family friendly.  Though, I tend to go through the not family friendly portions faster so I can get to the story.  There is one series I let go of because it was taking way too long to find out what was going on.  They were humping like rabbits in every chapter and it was getting old!  I love to read though.  To the point where I will choose reading over sleep.  I have been trying to be better about it though because I need to take care of me.  And if I am staying up late and dragging my butt into work the next day, that isn’t good if it is a regular thing.  I love a good book that takes me away to some other place.  I love reading through write ups on Amazon.  I love tracking on Good Reads.  I think it is all fascinating!

Today I am a little flat.  I was going strong for a while!  I am going to try to stay on track.  I love to write and I really do hope those of you ready enjoy!