A NEW Look: Learning New Things When Money is Tight

I am so excited about the fresh new look of my blog!  I can’t even explain to you how happy I am with it.  I have had the itch to have something that had a fresh spin on my business page, but was it’s own.  And well, I think Monique pulled it off!  The site looks fresh inviting and just BEAUTIFUL!  She is going to be helping me to get a few other things done.  And just so you all know, I am not talking about myself.  There is another Monique out there.  I think she reads minds…the first thing she showed me was PERFECTION!

It really is amazing how motivated a person can get when they are short on money.  My inventory is out of my house.  I am selling of used diapers and items we don’t need or use.  We are getting money in and stuff out of the house.  You wouldn’t believe the number of used diapers I have to sell off…and trainers!  Let me know if you are interested and I can link to where I am selling them.  I will be posting them at Diaper Swappers as soon as I am approved for FSOT.  I am already in the WAHM section, so I wouldn’t think it would take too long to get approval for FSOT.

With my website I have always turned to the pros to get my website done.  Lately I have been playing around with paintshop pro again.  It isn’t the best program out there to design things, but it gets the job done.  I have also been playing with html.  And I have found that I can and have made changes to my website!  I couldn’t start from scratch, but I can modify what is there to get the results I want.  For my main Mama Momo page I am going to try to make changes to the header soon and code it all so that it links to everything.  Some things have changed with my site.  I feel the need to make sure those changes are made to better suit my services.  And to think I am not done adding to my services!  A few things are still in the works that I am very excited about!

Back to the other Monique.  She is a very talented woman that I came across a few years ago.  I decided that I wanted to sew diapers for my son.  I have sewn clothing, quilts, pillow cases, etc. in the past, but never a diaper.  I went along and purchased supplies.  I then needed a pattern.  I was looking all around trying to find the perfect one.  And then I landed on Trimsies.  I thought, what a beautiful site.  I looked around some more and found out the maker of the Trimsies pattern was another Monique!  Right then and there I bought the pattern.  I had only run into one other Monique in my whole life until I started to cloth diaper.  In the last few months, I have come across several Monique’s that sew cloth diapers or at least use them.  It blew my mind.

I printed out the pattern, cut it out and I was off!  I got several pointers from Monique.  I found with my first diaper that I hate to sew hook and loop.  I think I ordered my snap press that night!  I fell in love with my snap press.  And I found that you should ALWAYS read directions before you play with new toys!  I tried my new snap press and found that two of the snaps where not fully compressed.  I just put them under the press in the middle and thought that it would line up perfect.  Not the case at all!  Those two snaps are useless.  I never fixed the diaper.  I kept it as a lesson to myself.  Maybe I will post pictures of my first diaper some day.  But I learned and my next diaper was close to perfection and got me licensed to sew and sell diapers from the Trimsies pattern.

After I was certified and had sewn a diaper of my own design, I joined the congo Bella Tesori on Hyena Cart.  There I was able to continue to work with Monique.  It was a very fun congo to be a part of.  There were some very talented individuals that passed through while I was there.  And there are several talented ladies still there.  Some that I still call friends to this day.  In December I made the choice not to be a part of the congo anymore.  At that same time I decided to get out of retail.  I enjoy it, but I believe it was the service portion that I enjoyed the most.  I liked helping others.  I always have and I always will.  I am the type of person that is constantly trying to think of ways to help others.  This is why my business is only services now.

This time when I needed someone to help me with my look, I turned to Monique.  She is always a pleasure to work with.  And she always seems to know what I want when it comes to design work.  I also like to switch around with web designers to get a fun look with a twist on the original design.  So far it is working for me!  And as if being so talented at web design wasn’t enough…and cloth diapers…she also designs clothing patterns now.  Her most recent site is Sew Me a Garden.  And as if that still isn’t enough, she has also been known to design fabric!

So a big thank you to Monique!


  1. I'm blushing! Thanks for all the praise Monique! You're pretty wonderful to work with too, I hope you know that!

  2. Mama Momo says:

    I praise when I have something worth praising about! Plus, you have my name! I can't go wrong!