About Me


familyI am a WOHM that is a WAHM wannabe (some day)!  WOHM = work outside (of the) home mom and WAHM = work at home mom.  I know some people don’t know.  I went to college to be a math teacher.  I was certified to teach math, grades 6-12.  I did a little teaching and didn’t like the way things worked (I will blog about this some time).  I worked at a credit union as a teller (we are people too 😉 ) and then in accounting.  Since 2006 I have worked as a fiscal technician in a hospital.  It is just a fancy way to say I do accounting, more or less.  I am now back at a credit union in accounting and love it!

My husband and I were married in 2005.  He chased me since kindergarten and we didn’t even know it (sure to blog about it some time).  In 2008 we had our son, Kenneth.  Then in 2010 we had our daughter, Sydney.  We are pretty sure our family is complete.  Though, if the big V didn’t take and we wind up with a surprise, we will be happy!  Though…if it is twins, this blog might take on a crazy turn!  So let us not go there!

I cloth diapered our son almost from birth.  We tried a service for a while and then went away from cloth.  Then he kept getting really bad rashes and poosploshions in his clothing.  So I got the okay from the husband to wash cloth diapers in OUR washer.  Our daughter was in cloth diapers almost from day one.  It is the only option for us.  AND…daycare now lets them wear them there!  So wonderful.  That is one of my goals…to have all daycares allow cloth…more on that later.

I had an online retail store for a little over 2 years.  I sold cloth diapers and other items.  I still have the online store.  I only offer services now.  I just found that I didn’t want to push products on people.  I want you all to know that I am about kids being in cloth, not padding my pocket.  But in all honesty, selling cloth diapers doesn’t really make you much.  If only you really knew the numbers.  If you didn’t need inventory, then it could work.  I was doing snap conversions for a while.

Now I am still working full time at a credit union.  On top of that I am in direct sales!  It is my outlet!  I adore the two companies I am working with!  I love that I am able to make connections with other and serve them!  It is one of the things I missed about working at the credit union.  Also part of the reason I went back.  I was able to talk with people all day and serve them!  I love the people I work with!  I am a work in progress!  Enjoy my journey…I know I will!

I really hope you will enjoy my posts as much as I like to write them.

Happy reading!