All Sorts of NEW Things to come!

I am still working out the details on my new services.  Sorry that I am not able to announce anything yet.  There are some things that I know are in place.  Parts of it are not.  And I don’t want to tell you about small parts and not all parts.  How is that…confused now?

What I can say now is that I will continue on with my snap press service.  I mainly just do conversions.  I might be open to do more if you are sewing your own diapers.  Just ask!

I also have to give a shout out to my friend, Sheila, of Hiney Lineys.  She has something that is going to blow the cloth diaper world away.  She is doing her big reveal on the 20th.  I hope to be able to give you all my review then.  I am really excited.  Ok…not going to say more…or I might say too much.

I will say a little more about my changes though.  There is a HUGE giveaway in the works.  I am going to be teaming up with another awesome innovated cloth diaper maker!  There are going to be tons of reviews.  There will be lots of talks.  There are going to be things I will be doing to help my local cloth diapering parents here in the Charlottesville, VA area!  So tell everyone to start following to get all the details first!