An Apology to all…

I have been really bad lately. I still need to get another giveaway up. Life has been total chaos lately. The end of October we thought we all had swine flu, even though we were told it was regular. It turned into pneumonia for my husband and me. Kenneth was only sick for a few days, very thankful for that! Then right after I was feeling normal again, my husband comes down with swine flu for real. I follow that Monday! I was in time for Tamiflu! I was thinking this is wonderful, I will get over the flu faster and be back to normal sooner. WRONG! I had an allergic reaction to it this past Friday. My face, head, and neck puffed up. Then a rash started at my head and worked its way down to my thighs. My husband calls the doctor and has me take Benadryl and tells me to stop the Tamiflu.

Still not feeling 100%. I stayed away from all inventory, supplies and such the whole time I was contageous. No orders went out. Those that chose to wait were given a surprise. It was just a few of my candle orders. I hope they were all happy!

There are going to be some specials for Black Friday and maybe Cyber Monday as well on Bella Tesori! Be sure to check us out. There is also a fun listing going on right now that we all worked on.

I need to try to get some sewing done for my Flip2Fit diapers. I think I am happy with the design for the round two testing. The inserts are so much better than they were. My son has two that I am waiting to test on them. I am not sure if I am going to add snaps to them though. I am thinking about a snappi option. It is a knit outer, so it should work nicely. I will be sure to get some action shots up.