Stitch Fix #1 – June 2015

Thanks to a friend of mine, I decided to finally give this a shot!  I had been watching the company and figured it was worth a shot for $20.  I dislike shopping because I have such a hard time finding items in my size that I like.  I typically end up wasting a ton of […]

You need to write to be a writer and blog to be a blogger

Seems like a simple enough concept.  You must write to be a writer and blog to be a blogger.  It can apply to anything in life.  Doesn’t matter if you are good bad or otherwise.  You must practice in order to be what you think you are.  And since I love to write, I gotta […]

Never is not an Option

This year I am working on being more positive than any other years.  I was posting the other day about getting my workout in that morning.  A friend had mentioned how I was her hero.  I just told her quite simply that if I didn’t do it in the morning, that it would never get […]

A New Day!

I have been away from writing for too long.  I want to get into it more.  Those of you that have been on the site in the past might notice some changes in header here.  I have switched out a few things to express more of my interests now.  It isn’t that cloth diapers are […]

Monday Madness 09.01.14 – A New Day!

It has been a while since I have done any posting.  I love to write and this needs to change.  Not the loving to write part, the actual writing part!  It is one of my many ways to relax.  I use the term many very loosely there too! So there are a few new things […]

31 Day Challenge #5 09.18.13


Yes, there has been a bit of a gap.  Life happens.  We take a step back and we get carried away…with life…or whatever!  Time to get back on track with my writing again! I am now on number five!  This is my guilty pleasure.  This isn’t as easy as all that!  I have a few.  […]

31 Day Challenge #4 09.03.13

Three days of no posts isn’t too bad for me.  I used the time to spend with my kids.  While I am worn out, I really enjoyed the time with them!  And now I am back to writing again! Today it is time for my earliest childhood memory.  There are a few that are from […]

31 Day Challenge #3 08.30.13

We move onto day #3!  That looks kinda funny to look at.  Maybe I should say we more onto day number three.  Regardless, onward we move! Number 3 on the list is meaning of my business name.  I am starting to think that this applies more to people with a business.  I have my blog, […]

31 Day Challenge #2 08.29.13

I made it to day two!!!  Wohoo!  So I have to post the picture again to remind myself what I need to do again!  Mommy brain, it is a real thing!  Don’t ever dispute that! I will try to get some pictures to add to these.  Otherwise on the main page it will be filled […]

31 Day Challenge #1 08.28.13

31 day challenge

I am trying something new!  A few friends wanted to try a blog challenge.  So I figure, why not!  I am trying to get back into the habit of writing, I might as well work on a blog challenge.  May we all hope this goes better than my photo challenge!  Today is expected to be […]