Tuesday Teasers 08.27.13: Miley, REALLY?


This post really should have gone with Monday Madness!  There was just no way I could post it then.  I was in SHOCK!  Total and utter SHOCK!  I did not watch the VMAs.  My time TV consists of Disney movies for the most part.  Though at times that makes me shutter.  Though, we stick with […]

Wednesday Windows 08.14.13 – Finding My Voice


I looked through a stack of papers trying to find a new pad to write on.  What I found was the “book” I had made as a child that I wanted sent out to publishers.  The book that I had asked to be send to publishers.  Finding that book changed me for a long time. […]

Tuesday Teasers 08.13.13 Houses


Today is going to be a teaser!  Not so much for you all, but for me…and possibly my husband!  We are starting to look around to see what is out there!  We know we would like to have our own place in the next two years!  So why do we want to move out of […]

Follow me Friday 08.09.13 – Plum Paper and my ARC Planner

cover of planner

When I started this blog, Fridays were a way to allow others to post and follow.  Well, we all know I am making changes!  This is one of them.  Follow me Fridays will now be, follow my bunny trail if you dare days!  And today…I actually have some substance!  I am super excited about what […]

Threaded Thursdays 08.08.13 – Candy Crush


I miss my sewing machines.  Yes, you read that right.  Machines!  As in more than one!  Why would a person need more than one?  Why because they do different things!  Those that sew understand!  I have a cover stitch machine, a serger, a typical sewing machine, and then a sewing machine with some quilting features.  […]

Wednesday Windows: 08.07.13 – A New Post!

I am pretty sure today is a miracle!  You might want to go out and play some lucky numbers or something!  I am actually writing a new blog post! So 2012 was a bust!  I started out the year all pumped up and ready to go!  I had a photo contest and all kinds of […]

Wednesday Windows 01.18.12 – Positivity

There is so much negativity out there and it seems to be very contagious.  I always thought that as we got older that the drama would go away.  That as we get older that we learn how to interact with others in a positive way.  That we start to act the way that adults should.  […]

Monday Madness 01.16.12

Sometimes I just wonder how I make it through each day.  Each day feels like a miracle.  I mean a true miracle.  I don’t mean this in a 100% negative way.  Part of it does have to do with personal struggle though.  I love my family and talking with others.  It is what keeps me […]

Follow me Friday 01.06.12

I am slacking in the posting department.  For that I apologize.  We will see how far I make it with this post.  I am currently typing this up in my kitchen.  I have my sick daughter in my Ergo carrier asleep.  My son is about to walk through the door any minute.  Which most likely […]

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Fundraiser – January 2012

Each month I have a main fundraiser picked.  I am more than happy to do what is on my planned list.  For each fundraiser I do, I will post about why I am doing it.  I am very pleased to announce that I have picked St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as my first for 2012! […]