The Difference Between Male and Female Clothing: Which Side?

 I know I had figured out the difference between clothing made for men and clothing made for women long ago.  I had more or less forgotten about it until today.  Most people say there are colors for men and for women.  I see it all the time in stores.  Pink is for girls and blue […]

Clothing: Tall Means Long

Thanks to my friends at Diaper Sewing Divas, I realized I used the wrong term.  I was trying so hard to find long shirts for women.  I kept getting long sleeved shirts and not short sleeved shirts that were long.  And any time I would try to type in long short sleeved shirts for women, […]

Two Kids Later and I Need NEW Clothing

It is amazing the changes your body goes through after children.  There are the normal changes that your body goes though in life too.  But boy did my body change after two… I was always fit through college.  I was always on the go.  And the fact that I played field hockey and lacrosse didn’t […]