Follow me Friday 08.09.13 – Plum Paper and my ARC Planner

cover of planner

When I started this blog, Fridays were a way to allow others to post and follow.  Well, we all know I am making changes!  This is one of them.  Follow me Fridays will now be, follow my bunny trail if you dare days!  And today…I actually have some substance!  I am super excited about what […]

Follow Me Friday 12.23.11: Fundraising

Bloggers are now not allowed to do giveaways.  We are however allowed to do sweepstakes.  I am reading up on the rules and how things work.  Once I have everything figured out, I will see about starting a few new things.  I still have some extras around my house.  I also might want to test […]

Follow me Friday 09.16.11

Kenneth and Sydney August 2011

I can’t have today just be a boring follow me and post your links.  I have to add something a little extra to it.  So I am posting some pictures of my favorites! First up, a picture of my kids from last month.  Yes, I need to take more pictures of them.  Monday and Tuesday […]

Follow ME Friday and Other News 03.04.11

It is Friday!  Post your family friendly links for everyone to follow.  Time to have some fun!  As always, I will follow anything you post as long as it is family friendly.  And I don’t know about the rest of you, but thank goodness it is Friday! Also, I wanted to say that we now […]

Follow me Friday 02.18.11

I am just going to keep this going each Friday.  Post your links, not just blogs.  As long as it is family friendly I will follow.  All you need to do is follow me and everyone else. Hope everyone has a happy Friday! And be sure to check out Fan Appreciation Day on Mama Momo’s […]

Follow me Friday

Since I am home with my daughter who has pink eye.  I figure something simple for today is good.  I can’t type too long.  She is currently in her bouncer being kissed by our chihuahuas and doesn’t know what to think about it. So this is another follow me Friday.  Post your links and I […]

Follow ME Friday: Post YOUR links

Well, since it is Friday, I figured I would do something fun to help everyone out.  Plus, I just don’t have the brain capacity right now after work to come up with anything creative on Friday!  Maybe if I don’t have a son with pink eye and then a stomach bug that still has the […]