Review: Dirt Devil Dinamite® Plus Bagless Quick Vacuum

Sadly, I went to vacuum and found that ours had something attacked the cord.  I typically always wrap up the cord and put everything away.  For some reason I didn’t this last time.  And there were slashes in the cord.  So I looked online and drooled over the Dyson that I really want.  Problem is […]

Review: Skin MD Natural

I was contacted by Skin MD Natural to review their shielding lotion.  I must admit I was a little worried about trying a skin care product at first.  I tend to be very critical of lotions since I have a hard time finding one that meets all of my requirements.  I took a chance and […]

Reviews in the works

I have several reviews that I am currently working on.  There is one lotion, one lip balm, one swaddle, several baby toys, several diapers, a diaper bag, baby carriers, and a few other odds and ends.  And in June or July I might get techie on you all.  I have a fun new item that […]

Stealthy Mama Shopper is on the Loose!

Ice Cream and Brownie

Since I am no longer in retail and only in sales, I have been trying to think of a unique take on blog reviews.  I have always felt that most of the blogging moms were just saying they loved everything.  It didn’t seem like they really talked about the products…or were not very honest…or they […]