Saturdays at the Snap

This Saturday there were lots of changes at the Snap!  Now, products from Simple Little Baby can be purchased at Sugar Snap Consignment.  You can now find select Thirsties products (covers), select Rockin Green products (detergent and scoops), and select Planet Wise products (wet bags).  The store also has a new open look that I […]

Saturdays at the Snap 02.19.11

Today was another wonderful day at Sugar Snap Consignment!  It was the usual group of us there.  I would love to see some new faces in the future though…along with the same ones.  Again, we talked about all kinds of things from breastfeeding, endometriosis, cloth diapers, buying “problems” we have, ways to get involved, the […]

Saturdays at the Snap 02.12.11

This is a little late.  I ended up staying at Sugar Snap Consignment most of the day on Saturday.  So my allotted time to get things done was extremely limited. We had a total blast again.  There were even more mommies.  We talked about all kinds of things, not just diapers.  We have some really […]

Saturdays at the Snap 2.5.11

This should be a Saturday post, but it looks like it is going to be a Sunday post at this point.  This is life though.  Still have a sick little guy and a baby girl that nurses on demand.  I must talk about today though, even if it means I am going to lose a […]

Staturdays at the Snap! 01.28.11

Today was my first day at Sugar Snap Consignment on a Saturday during the meeting time.  Every Saturday from now on there will be a gathering from 10-12.  It is for parents who cloth diaper or wear their baby or enjoy attached parenting or all of the above.  And children are always welcome.  And most […]