Tuesday Teasers 08.27.13: Miley, REALLY?


This post really should have gone with Monday Madness!  There was just no way I could post it then.  I was in SHOCK!  Total and utter SHOCK!  I did not watch the VMAs.  My time TV consists of Disney movies for the most part.  Though at times that makes me shutter.  Though, we stick with […]

Tuesday Teasers 08.13.13 Houses


Today is going to be a teaser!  Not so much for you all, but for me…and possibly my husband!  We are starting to look around to see what is out there!  We know we would like to have our own place in the next two years!  So why do we want to move out of […]

Tuesday Teasers 03.29.11

Both of these are the same products we have been following for a few weeks now.  Both are going to take the cloth diaper world by storm! First up: VERSA(TM)LOOK for a new change to come in the near future… Next up:  BoingoDo you need a little more help?  Here is their website: Boingo Baby.  […]

Tuesday Teasers 03.22.11

First up:  Hiney Lineys VERSA logo is all you are going to get from me this week.  But trust me when I say…You will want this in your stash! Next up:  BoingoDid you try to find it?  If you found this logo, then you are looking in the right places.  What else can you find? […]

Tuesday Teasers 03.08.11

I have a new thing now!  Tuesday Teasers!  Tuesdays will be my days to tease you about products that I have or will test that the public hasn’t gotten their hands on yet!  These are things that I am only able to give you limited information on.  I have a few things that I am […]