Cloth Diaper Talk

I love talking with others about ways to spread the word about cloth diapers. I really don’t think many people know all the wonderful options that are out there. So many people think their options are Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, or “grandma’s diapers.” The options are endless. There truly is a cloth diaper out there perfect for everyone, you just have to look!

I really wanted to get some sewing done. Well…that didn’t happen. I ended up spending my baby free day talking on the phone, filling an order, and dealing with PayPal. The conversations I had were wonderful though. It is just so nice to have someone to talk to about cloth diapers and gets your vision for helping others get into cloth. It really isn’t about me selling diapers in my store. Yes, I would like that. But I really just want to help others. It is part of my reason for the downsize sale. I want to have time to really be able to help educate others on cloth. And there are already SO many wonderful stores out there.

One day I will have my big dream. My dream is to have a cloth diaper clubhouse. I already purchased the domain name and all! I want to have a brick and mortar store that will have the following:

  • Cloth diapers that are already made. This would include all the name brands as well as WAHM diapers.
  • Cloth diaper spot light section. This would be a section for local WAHMs to be able to sell their diapers. They would be on a rotation and can come in and talk with customers.
  • Cloth diaper materials to be able to purchase to make your own. You would have all the PUL, FOE, thread, wool, fleece, bamboo, etc. to make any diaper you can think of.
  • A sewing section. There would be room for you to bring your own sewing machine or be able to use one provided. There would also be snap presses.
  • A daycare section. This would be here for you to use while you shop and sew. We all know we can be more productive when we have alone time with our sewing machine.
  • A meeting room. This would be for cloth diaper education as well as any natural family education.

So that is my dream in a nut shell. Maybe one day I will have the funding to make it happen. I just think it is really important for all WAHMs to work together to help each other. There is enough business for all of us. It would be nice if we could all be open and honest with each other. I am actually going to try to work with some of the local moms to spread the word about cloth.

So…what is your dream and what do you do to spread the word about cloth?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoa, you've got some great big dreams. You are so passionate about CD's. I know the feeling. I really like you site. It is so easy to read and super cute too!
    DSD~penguins 😉

  2. I love your ideas about a shop! Very cool!

  3. What an inspiration. I think more mamas need to know their options on diapering. I was clueless. My mother always told me cloth diapering was disgusting… soooo I had to find out on my own, and now I am addicted.
    ~Kristi (godink at DSD)

  4. Katieo54 DSD says:

    I love your ideas! Please come build your store in Seattle so I can use your awesome daycare idea.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your store idea really sounds DREAMY… My local quilt shop does "sewing retreats" where you go in for 8 hours, sew whatever with whomever & they do a potluck. Wouldn't that be fun with sewing diapers!!! And the daycare, oh my – like I said "dreamy"
    ~ Sara (snowglow DSD)

  6. wow! That B&M store dream of yours sounds positively mouth watering! I hope it comes true for you someday!

  7. I love your dream! I have many of the same dreams! All too often I think we put off dreams saying, I'll make it happen when I have more time or when this or that happens. Especially with little kids, it's seems hard to squeeze in any extra time to make our "big dreams" a reality. While I think it's so very important to spend plenty of quality time with our kids, I have also found that things really do get accomplished (perhaps a bit slower than we'd like) with just a few minutes here and a half hour there. My big dream is to get my dozen or so half-finished cloth diaper patterns and kids clothing patterns finished up and put into PDF and available…

  8. Anonymous says:

    I hope your dream comes true — all over the continent! I'm living it on a very small scale; I have a room stuffed with more supplies than I could ever use so that local mamas can at least see and sample before they buy online. I'm hoping to run a formal diaper sewing class in the near future.
    grannyanny (DSD)

  9. Samantha @ Mama Notes says:

    That is so cool Monique! What great thoughts and visions! You can totally do it.. I know you will! :)

  10. My son was allergic to all Pamper type diareps. The first month, I had diaper service. Was glad to get feeling better so I could do my own. They do get a bit expensive. He had a real sensitive bottom (and top).lol I just made sure he had plenty of cloth diareps and I changed him every time he did anything in his pants. He never even sat with a wet diaper. His skin was to sensitive to take a chance, Besides, I would not have wanted to wear one, why should he?By the time he was walking he wanted to go to his pot. I just showed it to him and let him set on it. He told me when he was ready to use it.Cloth diareps are a bit of work but It was much better I think.Just make sure you get them washed and rinsed really good. I washed in really hot water twice, and I rinsed them in warm water, twice. I used one of the old fashioned wringer washers.It was a trip!!