Clothing: Tall Means Long

Thanks to my friends at Diaper Sewing Divas, I realized I used the wrong term.  I was trying so hard to find long shirts for women.  I kept getting long sleeved shirts and not short sleeved shirts that were long.  And any time I would try to type in long short sleeved shirts for women, it came up with nothing.

So I was informed that the proper term to use for long is tall.  I never knew that.  I have always been one that needed petite.  I was always looking for short things.  So now I know I need petite pants since I am short AND tall shirts to make sure everything is covered.  Good to know!

So I now have several cute tops and tanks that are medium TALL on the way.  Old Navy has some really good prices and really cute options.  I would actually save some money if I didn’t feel the need to get every color.  Ok…I did cut back this time.  I didn’t get every color, just almost every color.  Baby steps to improvement.  You also must take into consideration that this is the first time in I don’t know how long that I have purchased non-maternity clothing for myself.  It has really been over four years.  I just made do with what I had and hand-me-downs.  

Any fun things about clothing that you all have learned over the years?


  1. SingleMamaAdventures says:

    Hi following you from twitter @mamachickx4..I've also liked and GFC…I think your blog is really cute and I'm looking forward to reading more. I'm going to starting my cloth diaper adventure in about a month 1/2 ( hopefully) with my 1yr old so I'm going to reading your post on cloth dipapers. Also congrats on your new buisness.

  2. Mama Momo says:

    Wohoo! Someone new that wants to CD! Feel free to ask questions. I love to help. There will be lots of new things to come. I will be getting back to cloth diapers!