Diaper and Trainer Sewing FAIL!

I caved.  I feel the need to make this public!  I feel really bad about it too.  I have all the supplies to make my daughter more diapers than she will ever need.  I have all the supplies to make my son all the trainers he needs and then some.  What I don’t have is time at the sewing machine.

I made Kenneth one trainer.  It was my first time sewing with PUL.  I know he needs full coverage since he is a super soaker.  So I thought I would add more width to it.  Too bad I wasn’t thinking about the fact that I was cutting on the crease.  Meaning, whatever I add to the pattern will be DOUBLED!  It was also my first time sewing with buttonhole elastic.  Everything turned out beautiful except for the width and the elastic.  I will need to add the pictures later!

Hope, from Ladder Hill Designs and designer of Tinkle Time Trainers, has been helping me with Kenneth’s trainers.  I love her pattern too.  And we have been doing this since part way through my pregnancy with Sydney.  You would think that since I sold diapers that I would be able to easily find a solution for him.  Not so much.  He has his one size diapers on his hips.  He is in major need of something with a higher rise.  And the TTT are almost perfect for him.  They just need another inch or two in the crotch.  With my luck, he will no longer need them as soon as I get them all sewn up!  He knows to hold his pee and then floods his diaper!  In the last few days it has been really bad.  I need to get new soakers made and trainers for them to go into.  Maybe if I tell work I need to sew they will give me time… not likely!

I have yet to make anything for Sydney though.  I feel really bad about it too.  But she is starting to show some major baby crack in her Thirsties duo diapers (size 1).  They say they go up to about 18 lbs.  She is 14.5 lbs at the most right now.  I have tried the size 2 on her and she swims in them.  I will be talking about them in a future review with pictures.  I have tried a few other diapers on her and she is still on the small setting for all the one size diapers we have in the house.  So I caved and ordered her 17 more one size diapers so that she will be covered for sure at daycare for two days.  And that still leaves room for me to make her a few to round out her collection.  Any guesses on the brand that made me cave?  I got them in snaps so I wouldn’t have to worry with doing conversions.

I feel like this is a big fat FAIL for me.  I just can’t seem to get in front of the sewing machine.  I can move the snap press around the house to get orders done, but the sewing machine, fabric, rotary cutter, and cutting mat don’t move around as easily.  I just wish I had time to really sew for my kids while they want it and need it!  I thought a kid free sewing room would help this happen.  I know where everything is and can leave it out, I just can’t get to it.  I am going to master wearing Sydney while sewing and cutting and take advantage of my husbands days off.

Anyone else finding it hard to get things made for their own kids?


  1. yes! I am guest stocking on a HC congo tomorrow and after a week of trying I just had to tell DH that I NEED to sew this weekend, until I was done, and did he have something he could do with P? They went to Home Depot and Hobby Lobby for building/craft supplies. And a new dump truck of course? lol

  2. Mama Momo says:

    Typically when I ask for time, I get followed to where ever I wanted to go to be alone. Our husbands just don't know what to do without us;) And a dump truck is ALWAYS needed…or so my son will tell you!