Follow me Friday 01.06.12

I am slacking in the posting department.  For that I apologize.  We will see how far I make it with this post.  I am currently typing this up in my kitchen.  I have my sick daughter in my Ergo carrier asleep.  My son is about to walk through the door any minute.  Which most likely means I am just going to quickly finish typing to say…post your family friendly links to follow.  I would love to follow along with your blogs.  I know I try to from time to time.  I am more than happy if you all want to post your blog posts to my facebook page.  Again, they need to be family friendly.  I will remove them if I do not approve.

I am going to try to post at least a few times each week.  I still need to update my pictures for Wordless Wednesday.  As soon as I have two healthy kids and some computer time, I will.

So I now have an awake baby thanks to a very hyper little boy that just came home.  This little post took a lot longer than it should.  But…that is life with kids.  Always on the go, never a dull moment, and filled with love!