Follow me Friday 08.09.13 – Plum Paper and my ARC Planner

When I started this blog, Fridays were a way to allow others to post and follow.  Well, we all know I am making changes!  This is one of them.  Follow me Fridays will now be, follow my bunny trail if you dare days!  And today…I actually have some substance!  I am super excited about what I have to share.

It may not show now after a husband and two kids, but I am a perfectionist at heart!  It is something I am fighting.  Nothing is perfect, you will just drive yourself crazy trying to find something that doesn’t exist!  And well, I had been trying to find the perfect planner.  I didn’t find a planner per say, I did however find a planner system that I am so thrilled with.  It goes everywhere with me and I put the finishing touches on it while I was on my lunch break!  YAY!

front with pouchMeet my planner that I carry everywhere!

Don’t quote me on some of the information I am about to share.  This is just my take on things.  And my take is not always how it is!  The disc planners were originally started by a company called Levenger.  They have more options than I have seen anywhere, but they are a bit on the pricy side.  I do turn to them as soon as I can’t find what I want at Staples though.  So this brings us to Staples and the ARC system.  They also carry a Martha Stewart version of the disc planner.  My cover and a few accessories are Martha Stewart.  I combined several things to come up with my system!

pocket and notes tabsWhen I first open up my planner you will see that there are 3 slots on the sides for business cards.  I plan to add mine to this.  There is also a pocket to add papers.  I have address labels and stamps.  I also have the supply list sticking out there.  My son starts kindergarten this month!  This is on my to do list.  I have a little over a week!  Then this brings us to the little tabs.  There is an assortment  of tabs that I can add.  I have a few ideas as to what I can do with these, follow ups and things like that!  I still need to add all of my contact sheets.  I will have to talk about them another time!  And this brings us to my favorite part!  It came in the mail yesterday!!!!

cover of plannerThis is my “custom” Plum Paper Family Planner!  I adore this!  They have several options on their site too.  I love pink and the chevron goes with the theme of my business!  I was able to pick the month my planner started with as well as the name to go on the front.  And why a family planner you ask?  Because there are 7 name fields that can be customized!  I was super excited about this!  More pictures to come!  I also asked for it not to be bounded or bunched.  So I was able to take this and use my ARC punch and add it to my planner!  What is great is that I have 6 months in here.  I have an additional 12 months that I can add as I need them!  This will help keep the weight down!

plum paper family plannerSee!  Plum Paper Family Planner!  In this picture you can see their link and the type of planner it is.  If you don’t want to add it to a disk binder, their binding fee is included in the price.  It is amazing quality and I can speak highly enough of the company or the planner itself!  You can see the tabs for each of the months I have in here.  And it looks like I got so excited that I didn’t fill the information out on this page!  I will do that!

monthly plannerAfter each month tab there is a calendar for the full month.  There are notes and such that you can put on the side.  It fills up the whole page.  I don’t see myself using this portion that much, but it is nice to have in case I do want to look at the month as a whole.  I can also have my customers look at it just to see what dates I have open.  I am undecided so far!

weekly plannerThis brings us to my favorite part!  You are able to see that I have already started filling in information for the week.  I have my to do list for my ice cream sundae jewelry bar on Sunday!  There are to do lists on here.  And my favorite part, the 7 sections!  I have one for me, one for my husband, one for each of our children, one for my business, and then two blank ones.  One of the blank ones I am using for birthdays, anniversaries, special events that impact the whole family.  And then the bottom one I am currently using for my day job.  Any meetings or reminders for that so that I will know how to be prepared the next day or week!  You go home.  You are ambushed by the kids and all thought goes out the window!  Now I can check my planner to make sure I am ready.  Or that I wear something nice on days that I have meetings…not the day before laundry shirt and pants!

ruler and pocketThen I have a ruler.  There are times when I am putting things together and I just want to know how long it is.  Well, now I will be able to pull my ruler out and see!  I have tried to guess at times and it was a total disaster!  And behind the ruler you can see the poly pocket.  Not as in the dolls.  As in a plastic folder.  Are those things even around anymore?  These folders are large enough for a regular 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  It is very helpful if you don’t want to take the portable punch with you.  You can toss it in here and go.  It is also good for extra sheets that you want to add later and put notes on.

tabsFor the tabs, I decided to use the Washi Tape that I keep wanting to call Wasabi Tape.  But it isn’t.  So don’t call it that!  I used it over the tabs so that I can write whatever I want on them.  And then if I change my mind, I can easily remove it, add more, and write something new.  It is like magic!

to doIn the extras section I have some extra mini to do lists.  I have some of the larger to do lists.  I am going to have to start to use them soon!  And behind them, I just have paper with lines.  I use it to take notes on coaching calls, on training, on webinars.  I think you get the point.  This is basically my business section of the planner!  I need to add a contact section!  Again, I will have to show those sheets another time.  I am going to cut them into 3s so that I can always have them in alphabetical order!  That way I can always find them easily!

expensesThen I used another one of the zip pouches for receipts and such!  I plan to tape these down to paper and take notes on everything.  Then I will have spreadsheets with everything so that taxes will be a breeze this year.  Notice how it is August…  We will not go there.  This is something that has been on my to do list for 7 months!  It will get done…by tax time!  You can also see the pen holder.  I love this feature and it is one of the reasons I went with the leather planners rather than the poly ones.  It makes a different, even if it has a little more heft to it!

side viewAnd the last picture I am showing today is a side view.  The disks I used are 2″ and that is my thumb…and part of my shirt…but you get the point.  It stays nice and flat and you can move everything around similar to a spiral notebook.  The difference is, one you rip a page out of a spiral, only tape will help get it back in.  And that would just be tacky!  So with the disks, you just press it all back in.  Again, kinda like magic!

I hope you all enjoyed this.  I love my planner and I hope that it will keep me organized.  I can at least look super cool with it!  Everyone will envy me!  Seriously, they will, this is pure awesome!  More to come some other day!

I hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!