Follow Me Friday 12.23.11: Fundraising

Bloggers are now not allowed to do giveaways.  We are however allowed to do sweepstakes.  I am reading up on the rules and how things work.  Once I have everything figured out, I will see about starting a few new things.  I still have some extras around my house.  I also might want to test out some new cloth diaper patterns just for fun.  And I have a new hobby to tell you all about.  There will be lots of fun to go along with it!

Be sure to subscribe, Google Friend Connect, follow on Networked Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.  You never know when something fun might pop up and where I will be telling about it first.  And for the weekend, post your blog as a comment for others to follow!

And my new hobby.  I am now a Scentsy Independent Consultant.  I am a huge candle lover.  Since I had my first, I have been terrified to have flames of any kind in the house.  I have made candles for friends and family and that is where it ended.  I would smell them for a short while around the holidays and that was it.  I had been watching a company called Scentsy for some time.  My suite mate from college posted about them and I decided to try them.  Let us just say I feel for these products and this company.  I was finally able to enjoy candles again since there is no wick – NO FLAME!

As some of you have read, I let go of my cloth diaper business.  I wanted room in my house again.  I also wanted to be able to have time to talk to people about the things I love.  This is what I love about Scentsy, I am able to do just that!  I do still have my full time job.  Maybe one day I will be able to work from home.  It would be nice to be able to set my own hours and be at home more and have time to do other things around the house.  I can dream.

With Scentsy I would like to help others become consultants, host parties, and run fundraisers.  I am on a very supportive team.  I would love to bring you into the family if you would like to become a consultant.  If you just want to earn free products, host a party with me.  Hosts with a qualifying party will get a free plug in and bar of their choice.  Each month I will be running a Scentsy fundraiser.  I will post each month letting everyone know why I have picked the particular organization.  Click the fundraising tab above to learn more.  And of course I am more than happy to run a fundraiser for you.  Being able to give back is important to me.  I want to do my part.

And I also want to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!