Follow ME Friday and Other News 03.04.11

It is Friday!  Post your family friendly links for everyone to follow.  Time to have some fun!  As always, I will follow anything you post as long as it is family friendly.  And I don’t know about the rest of you, but thank goodness it is Friday!

Also, I wanted to say that we now have a new site for the Charlottesville area site for The Great Cloth Diaper Change.  Everything is linked up to it.  Now you can go directly there to pre-register and for all of the current information.  HERE IT IS :)  I was up an insane amount of time last night working on it.  I am very proud of it so far.  I know it isn’t much, but I did it with the help of Weebly!



  1. whisperedwordsforevercaptured says:
  2. Mama Momo says:

    Nicole – I am following the first two. I can't figure out how to follow you on wordpress though :( And I so want to. And not just because you have Endometriosis awarness, but because it is you! We need to talk about you doing a guest spot to do a post on Endo awareness!

  3. Megan Rockenbach says:

    love your blog, New follower!

    Megan<—my blog

  4. whisperedwordsforevercaptured says:

    bookmark me? That's what I'm doing since half the blogs I read are on this website. I have a 'blogs to read' folder haha.

    I would love to do a guest spot :) just let me know what you want!

  5. Mama Momo says:

    Megan – Following you :)

    Nicole – I will be talking to you about it soon. Most likely Saturday!

  6. Tiny Turtle Love's Mommy says:
  7. Mama Momo says:

    I need to catch up on these blogs! I am following though! I love the tiny love. So cute. And I am glad you caught the blog bug 😉