Follow me Friday

Since I am home with my daughter who has pink eye.  I figure something simple for today is good.  I can’t type too long.  She is currently in her bouncer being kissed by our chihuahuas and doesn’t know what to think about it.

So this is another follow me Friday.  Post your links and I will follow you back on whatever you have as long as it is family friendly.  You just have to follow me and everyone else that posts

Happy Friday!


  1. Kerry McFarland says:

    Hi Monique, not sure how this works, but here is the link to my website:

    and blog,

    I hope you all are feeling better soon! It seems you've had an exceptionally difficult winter!

  2. You did it perfectly Kerry! I didn't realize I wasn't already following you. I am now. It has been a really hard winter for us! I am hopeful that the Spring will bring fresh air through our house and chase out any bad air 😉