Hyena Cart Stalking!

Ok, I have a confession to make: I AM STALKING ON HYENA CART TODAY! There are some awesome sales going on right now. And the FFS lottos are endless. Yes, I have my own sale going on at Bella Tesori for candles. Yes, there are some other great deals on there that you should check out. I want to know what YOU are stalking. I don’t want to miss out on anything today. I have a few windows open and I know what time to check back on everything too.

What is your game plan for the day?

What are you stalking?

What went on sale that you didn’t wait for?

Here are the shops I have in my sights (I will keep adding to the list):

1. Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum – I have had my eye on her custom raglan tee and longies sets forever. Her work is always beautiful. I can’t help but buy from her every few months. AND…there is a 25% off code on her site! Let me know if you buy anything from her and pics are a MUST!

2. goodmama – As if they need me to point anyone else to them. I do like their diapers. They have FFS lottos going on all day. I really want to try their one and their night time fitted. I have one of their diapers that I am fairly happy with. Plus, I really want that flame print for Kenneth!

3. Bagshot Row Bamboo (BSRB) – Everyone always raves about these. They stocked around 200 diapers on Wednesday for $18 each ($2 off). As of yesterday, they had sold around 150! That just blows me away. They have a FFS lotto each hour. I am fairly happy with the one I have. If you like a narrow fit between the legs, these are perfect for you. I also want to try their night time diaper as well.


Happy shopping everyone!!!


  1. First I need to order some more covers (again…) as we have moved up to small diapers and the covers I have don't fit as well as the thirsties… then, no idea.