Laughing Material:

This is a post I had typed up a while ago and never posted.  I have a few like that.  I know I need something to lift my spirits today.  And this site is always good for a laugh in my eyes…

I am so thankful for the co-worker that got me to go to this site.  Give it time when you go there.  I know at first you will be thinking WTHeck is this!?!?!?  But really, give it time.  Read them, look and the pictures, and try not to wet your pants.

My husband didn’t enjoy the site as much as I did.  I think part of the problem is that it was his ‘WOW’ time.  I believe that stands for Worls of Warcraft.  All I know is that I see his character flying on a dragon type thing when I look over.  He thought the posts were too long, even though they are mainly pictures.  Sigh… 

I hope you all will be able to see all the humor in it that I did.  And if you are an animal lover, there are two dog posts that are must reads.  I read them while on break at work and lets just say I am glad I was in the office alone and that no one was walking by outside.

And after reading at least one, come back and report.  I would love to hear what you all think.  And I also want to see if I am the only one that now thinks up pictures like that to go along with my posts.  I see it all going through my head and it cracks me up.  I think she is brilliant and I wish I had thought of it.  Maybe one day I will do a picture post.  More so that you all can laugh at my attempt to pretend that I know how to use my Paintshop Pro program.

ENJOY…Hyperbole and a Half.