Monday Madness 01.16.12

Sometimes I just wonder how I make it through each day.  Each day feels like a miracle.  I mean a true miracle.  I don’t mean this in a 100% negative way.  Part of it does have to do with personal struggle though.  I love my family and talking with others.  It is what keeps me going.  And the more I get out, the happier I seem to be.  Then you get caught in the do I have the time and money to do all this.  And I always find a way to do it all…well except for all the cleaning.

When we make it out of the house with the kids dressed and no food on us, I consider it a job well done for the morning.  The hard part is keeping the motivation to keep moving.  I think we all struggle with how to make ends meet.  And that is something that is always going through my head.  How are we going to make it to the next point.  How are we going to pay for our kids to do more things.  How are we going to get out of the house and do something as a family?  How are we going to be able to take a family vacation?  Am I going to have the leave time this year to take some real time off?

If I manage to actually get something done in a day with all of my head, that is a miracle.  I am making steps to try to take the money worries away and meeting new people.  I am not saying this as a sales pitch.  I think we are all trying to find new ways to make ends meet.  We are trying to cut back on things that we don’t need.  And I am also trying to sell Scentsy as an Independent Scentsy Consultant to try to make ends meet.  And so far it is a lot of fun.  I think I am really going to be able to make an addition to our family income and that is a blessing.  I just wish I had started sooner!

And for the rest of the day I am going to try to push all of this out of my mind and be very productive.  What is everyone else up to today?