Monday Madness 02.07.11

Today did not disappoint in the madness department!  My throat is sore, I feel like I need to sleep for a week, had to get the kids ready, and get to work.  It was a miracle that my body let me get everything done and I was only 6 minutes past the time I should be at work!

I was then talking on the phone about how my goal was to go this whole week without missing time from work.  Almost as soon as my words went through the phone – blink blink – my phone was flashing!  Yes, daycare called me to let me know that I might have to come pick up my daughter.  Translation, WE WILL CALL YOU AGAIN AND TELL YOU TO PICK HER UP!  So I call her doctor and get a “we will squeeze you in” type of appointment.

My daughter had what daycare called drainage.  I tried to explain to them that it was most likely spit up that ran into her ear and dried.  They told me that she was tugging at her ear too and that it might be an ear infection.  I didn’t argue with them.  I just told them I had an appointment for her at 12:15.  I go and pick her up.  There is this wonderful dried up yellow clump of spit up in her ear.  I would tug at my ear too if I had a clump like that in it.  They then tell me that she has an almost 100* temp.  Sigh…

I take her to the doctor.  She isn’t even close to 100* temp.  Her ears are both clear as can be.  The doctor agrees that she didn’t think it was ear drainage at all.  She said she was healthy as can be.  We agreed that her only issue was that she seems to be an early teether like her brother.  So I took my $20 note and went back to daycare.

The rest of the day I spent wishing that I would win the lotto.  I even had a little day dream about how maybe the missed call on my cell phone was my notification call for one of our two yearly tickets.  I looked up the number and found nothing.  I then realized that they are a different zip code…

On a brighter note, we have some fun things in store for cloth diapers being allowed in day cares.  I will have some more fun information on that later.  We are going to need your help to make this happen!  Every voice counts!