Monday Madness 02.14.11

WOW!  What a weekend!  Saturday at the Snap is still a work in progress.  Sydney and I were there from about 10:30 until about 3 with a break for lunch.  I have pictures of goodies that can be purchased and another great find on my part.  Then on Sunday, a pipe burst!  All I can say is I am thankful for family!  I was doing laundry like a mad woman as soon as it was fixed.

That brings us to today.  Things did not slow down yet.  Did you know what today was?!??!?  Well, I was a bad mommy and forgot to do the Valentines for my almost 3 year old!  Good thing I had the morning off.  So I drop the kids at daycare.  I rush over to the store.  I buy Sesame Street Valentines (and candy and cookies because they were there calling my name).  I rush home, start Kenneth diapers started in the washer, get the valentines all addressed and pump.  Rush back out the door to daycare to pick up Sydney for physical therapy.  And I remembered to give them the valentines for Kenneth!

Sydney did really well with her physical therapy for having been brought out of her slumber by mommy.  I was shown a few different things that I can do with her to help with her torticollis.  She will have PT every other week.  And we will alternate between daycare and home.  I found out that I was doing a lot of things right already.  But I was given some extra help for sure.  Things I never even thought about that will help her.  She fell back asleep on the ride back to daycare.  So I left her sleeping in her car seat.  She needed it though.  Poor thing!

Then a half day at work.  Get to finish the laundry tonight.  I have several used and new items that I need to list for sale on Diaper Swappers.  I already have all kinds of people asking me for quotes.  It has just been to crazy for me to get to my craft room.  I am hopeful that tonight that I will be able to get things together!

And the fun for the week doesn’t end there.  We get to go to the dentist to get two fillings for Kenneth.  We WILL be with him the whole time.  We are still working to get him to brush his teeth and it is an uphill battle.  So a lot of the ways to get them to remineralize are out the window.  And that really sucks.  But I am just glad that we get to be with him.  I really hope it all goes well and that we get it all done in one session and don’t need to drug him.  I am really worried about it.

And work in general just makes me want to cry.  It is too much and too personal to get into.  I just keep telling myself that I am lucky to have a job.  And I will continue to look for something better, keep learning new things, try to invent something…or hope one of our two Virginia Lottery tickets wins the jackpot.  I am just not in the position I wanted to be in 10+ years after high school and 6+ years after college.  I have a job.  We are just able to make ends meet, with help from my father.  I think I am just run down from all of us taking turns being sick since November/December.  We are happy with our family and that is something to be thankful for.

Today is Valentine’s Day!  So be sure to let those you care about know you love them.  Please share your stories, good and bad.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.  And I will try to be more upbeat next time!