Monday Madness 03.07.11

I think I am just going to accept the fact that one of these days that my life is just going to be crazy!  I found myself looking at pictures of my two kids when they were just born yesterday.  And that lead to me thinking that I wanted another baby.  We would love another baby, but in our current situation it isn’t possible.  Plus, my daughter isn’t even six months yet!

I am getting really worried that I am going to be running into leave without pay before the year is up.  It is only March and I have less than two weeks of leave time left!  Everything is getting used up by me or one of the kids being sick.  My husband can’t stay home since they have already cut his hours way back.  Everyday I wish that we were in a situation where I could stay at home with the kids until they were both at least one.  Three months just isn’t enough.  Plus, we pay $393 a week for both of them to daycare!  Between doctors, daycare, and insurance, there isn’t much left.

I am so thankful that we live in the same house as my father at times like this.  I don’t think we would make it otherwise.  And yes, he drives me nuts sometimes, but he is my dad and we carpool to work every day!  And my parents have been split, so it is just him.  I know I would be lonely by myself.  So I am sure he is happy with the situation to some degree.

There is only so much more we could cut back.  And if the kids needed something, we would.  But there are just some simple little pleasures we can’t seem to go without.  Those are phones, TV, and internet.  We could scale back some more.  We have already done so with our phones.  The guys insist on keeping the TV and high speed internet.  I don’t watch anything I want to on TV anymore and we mainly do DVDs for Kenneth.  And I really like the high speed.  We could still do without to some degree though.

What do you do to save and cut back?


  1. wow Mo that is a lot for daycare! I guess I am blissfully clueless about daycare costs. yikes!

    I can say we were very tight a year ago with just one baby, and somehow now we have two and we are just fine.

    In the last year we:
    -moved out of state and are living somewhere with a lower cost of living.
    -sold our second car.
    -cut down on some things like eating out, shopping, etc.
    -I can honestly say our second baby gets nothing new. (sad, I know)
    -we don't pay for diapers!
    -we don't pay for daycare. we live closer to family now, and the free babysitting is a nice perk.
    -we don't pay for cable or internet. for phones we do cell phones only and we get a discounted rate. (job perks)
    -I want to learn to coupon. I know there is potential to save a lot there. Groceries are a huge expense for us, even only buying generic.
    -I've been selling off the baby stuff on craigslist. I've gotten a few hundred dollars. Not a lot, but it helps.

    okay that probably wasn't much help. I guess we don't really have any certain method we just make it work somehow. Before we moved closer to family, we were working opposite days/shifts so that we wouldn't have to use daycare. Would that be an option for you? thinking of you guys!

  2. Mama Momo says:

    That is helpful! Really it is. Some of those things we have done. Others just are not possible for us. One day…