Monday Madness 09.01.14 – A New Day!

It has been a while since I have done any posting.  I love to write and this needs to change.  Not the loving to write part, the actual writing part!  It is one of my many ways to relax.  I use the term many very loosely there too!

So there are a few new things I want to add to this blog.  One of the things that I would love to add is a section solely dedicated to my husband.  Yes, you read that right, to my husband.  I am going to fondly call it: Sh*t that happens to my husband!  Let’s just say that a lot of the stories involve mother nature and all her creatures taking revenge on him for something he must have done.  From a crow that chases him to a door (there is video on this one – it will be mine…and you will get to see it some day.  I will find a way!  I am determined like that!) to a chicken chasing him in a parking lot (a hospital parking lot that is by far not rural!).  This will be very funny and not always safe to read to children.  Nothing will be R rated though!  Promise!

It has been a while.  I am not about to look back and see how long it has been.  I think it is safe to say a long time.  Likely no in 2014.  Again, I am a work in progress.

Still just me, the husband, and two kids.  There are the two senior chihuahuas as well.  Cloth diapers are out of the house.  Though I have been itching to try to make some more to give away to a good cause.  Nothing so far.  I am still am still an independent designer for an amazing locket company!  And while I said that would be the last direct sales company I would join, I was wrong.  I am now also a Independent Team Beachbody Coach now too!  Their programs and products have made a positive impact to my health as well as my husbands!  And don’t let the name beachbody full you!  To me the company is about feeling good, being healthy, and being happy with the best you!

Today I started a new workout program.  It is a 20 week program called TurboFire.  It is amazing.  I am saying this on day one…I might curse it at times, but I will feel amazing each time I do a workout!  I am always buzzing after I am done.  And I have been calmer today.  I didn’t say calm, just calmer!  It gives me more energy.  I don’t feel like the couch is my best friend.  Though for a bit after I am done, I do feel that way…or the floor!

Hope everyone is enjoying the day.  I hope to be able to share lots of laughs with you all.  Until next time!



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