Monday Madness 1.31.11

‘Monday Madness’ is going to be my weekly Monday post.  I am trying to get something set up for at least every other day of the week.  I love to write, don’t know how good at it I am, but I love to do it.  And I really like structure.  Now we have Saturday at the Snap and Monday Madness.  I notice a trend here with the letters.  I wonder if I will be able to come up with something for Wednesday and Friday :)

Mondays always seem to be total madness in our house.  Everyone is getting up to go to work and daycare and everyone just wants to stay home.  I am not sure about the baby.  I think she would be happy anywhere as long as all attention was on her.  She will smile and smile and smile if you talk to her.  We are going to have to look out for that one.  Our son on the other hand is all over the place and running up the walls.

It seems like on Monday morning there is always more to do than any other day.  The only extra thing that I can think of is that I have to make Sydney’s bottles from the frozen milk.  And that just takes a little extra time.  So then why is it that is seems like the fast forward button has been pushed and I am 1-15 minutes late for work?  I really don’t get it.  Is it really that hard to get up and moving on a Monday?

It isn’t like I hate my job.  I do enjoy it.  There are just other things I would rather do.  I would love it if I could stay at home until Sydney was a year old.  Then I wouldn’t have to pump at work!  I really despise pumping.  The fact that I did nothing but pump for Kenneth might have something to do with it.  He wouldn’t nurse.  I wanted to nurse him until he was close to two years old.  So I pumped for him until he was 22 months old and that is when I became pregnant with Sydney!  I just don’t understand why the USA can’t get maternity leave right.

What are all of you up to this Monday?