My First Local Cloth Diaper Snap Conversion!

I have done many snap conversions since I purchased my first snap press.  I have found that conversions are a necessity to bring new lift into most hook & loop cloth diapers.  Hook & loop diapers are fast and easy to use.  I love to have them for most of the infant stage.  After that, I really like to have snaps once they are mobile.  And if you have your own snap press or know someone who does conversions (me!), you no longer need to buy new diapers.  You can have your whole stash converted!

I am especially happy with the order I just completed since it was my first local.  You would think that I would get more local inquires, but I don’t.  I think it mainly means I just haven’t talked about it as much locally and I need to work on my SEO so that I can get more locals.  All of these are on my to do list!

I am also excited with this order since I got to use the “matching” colors this time.  I also was able to try some new things with them that I had been told about.  So this post is worthless without pictures!

Above you will see all five diapers from my recent conversion.  Notice how the three on the bottom are all rolled up and snapped closed?  Neat isn’t it.  These diapers can still be rolled up and closed tight when you are out and about.  It is a bonus to just buying diapers that have snaps already!

Above you can see a closer shot of how the snaps alternate on each side.

The diaper above was really fun to do with the alternating colors and sides!  Makes me wish I had all these colors when I converted my son’s stash!

Don’t forget, all cloth diaper conversions are 25% off for a limited time.  And I am going to do some cloth diaper conversion giveaways when we reach these goals:
1. 200 likes on Mama Momo facebook business page.
2. 300 followers on this blog.
3. 1000 followers for MamaMomoOnline on twitter.

Each time we reach a goal, I will have a giveaway!


  1. Yay! They look great! Can't wait to pick them up. Honored to be your first of surely many local clients.

  2. LOVE them! Awesome job Monique!

  3. Mama Momo says:

    Allie – So glad you like them. I can't wait for the weather to be nice so you can have them to try!

    Amber – Glad you like them. You diapers are being worked on! I hope to have them done this weekend for you!

  4. I had a question regarding the conversion of aplix to snaps… the diapers leak where the holes are from the original aplix being sewn on??

  5. My post never went though on this. I have never had any leaks where the stitch marks are from the aplix. In most places the holes are really small. There is about a 1-2 inch section in the top left (looking at it) that gets bigger holes from where they tack down. It seals back up to some degree. There is also an additional barrier fabric. Turn your diaper inside out and you will see what I am taking about. I haven't had anyone tell me they had issues :)