No More Mail: Snail Mail

What would you do if there was no more snail mail?  Would you still be able to carry on as if nothing ever happened?  What would happen to the small businesses?  Would you be able to make it on just UPS and FedEx?

These are a few of the things I have thought about when reading about the Canadian Postal strike.  If I were still doing my retail store, a postal strike would kill my business.  Most of my packages were $10 or less to ship out.  If I had to go with UPS or FedEx, they would be $10 or more each.  It blows me away!  I am sad for the small businesses in Canada right now.  If they are close to the boarder, they can run to the US to send packages that are not to their fellow Canadians.  But if they want to ship to someone there, they must refund or choose something more expensive.

And it isn’t just packages.  What would we do about paper bills?  What about those that do not have the internet.  I know that is a crazy concept, but there are people that do not use the computer still.  I know my grandparents still do everything by mail and just don’t get the computer.  And then there are others that just don’t have the money for a computer and all that goes with it.

Take a look at the mail you get over the next month.  Would you be able to function without it?