Not Enough Hours in the day…

I think there really need to be more hours in the day.  And not just that, but more hours of sleeping time for kids and kid free time for parents.  Trying to find that balance where everything and everyone gets the attention they need is next to impossible.  I have found that I just can’t do it all.  No matter how hard I try, something will suffer.

So my plan is that I will just rotate through things to see what will get attention each week or day.  Isn’t that so bad to look at it that way?  But there are two things that must have my attention and I refuse to let them go.

  • My kids are priority over everything else.  They will get my full attention no matter what.  
  • Monday through Friday, I must give my full attention to my job while the kids are in day care.
    • While at work, I do have 2 15 minute breaks and a 30-60 minute lunch.  I have gotten really good at multitasking.  Getting on of those zip up pumping tops is a must.  That thing has saved me and is on kid number 2 right now!  Well worth the money.  So while I am talking I am able to do other work and make phone calls while I am on lunch.  I just warn people that they will hear my pump.  So far, everyone has been cool with it.  On my breaks I am able to check emails or facebook from my phone.  So I am able to get some “me” time in.  HA!
  • While I nurse my daughter, I can cuddle with my son on the other side.  We can read books or watch a movie.  So far this has worked well.  I can also use my iPod to check email for my business and personal needs.
  • Diaper Laundry is a must every night since we have two in cloth still.  I also have a front loader and to keep the stink away, I have to do it this way.  So there is no skipping there.
  • Clothing gets washed in a few loads on the weekend.  This works as long as we don’t have sick kids.  We make sure we have 8 outfits for everyone and extra pants and such.  So far so good.
  • Dishes is where I need help.  Most of the time I am able to do everything with my daughter in one of my many carriers.  But that doesn’t always work.
  • Everything else just gets a once over as often as I can manage it.  Please just don’t go through my house with a white glove, you will not like what you find.

I keep telling myself I just need a few days off to get back on top of everything.  But when I have less than two weeks of leave time for the rest of the year, that isn’t happening.  I have to save my time in case the kids get sick.  So one day the house will be in order, that day just isn’t today.  I would rather have time to spend with my family rather than bust my butt trying to have a spotless house.  Maybe I will win the lotto and we can get a maid.  I would tip big 😉

How do you manage your house and kids?