Sewing Trainers…for my 3.5 year old

We are still working on getting our son to go potty.  It seems to be a battle most of the time.  We are able to get him to go at times.  We don’t want to be pushy about it.  He will tell us that he is wet.  We have to change him often to try to keep him from wetting through and onto the carpet and furniture.  It has really been a battle.

So his cloth diapers have been at the end of the line for him for a while now.  They are bumGenius 3.0s.  I really did like them for him.  I converted them all to snaps soon after the hook and loop started to turn.  And now they are in need of the elastic being replaced before they can go on anyone smaller.  We had to get a stash for my daughter since he was still in his.

This brings us to what I have been busy doing, sewing again!  And I am so happy to be sewing too!  I have already made him 2 Trimsies Trainers and have 10 more at various stages of being done.

Above you can see one of the finished trainers I made.  The other that I made was just a boring white one to make sure I had everything right.  I made some adjustments and they seem to be perfect.

Above you can see everything cut and lined up.  I have made progress this week.  All 10 trainers are sewn up.  They just need to have the elastic sewn in and the snaps placed.  Then in the washer they go.  Oh…and I need to finish the Zorb II inserts.  I love that stuff!

I am hopeful that these trainers will be the extra step that my son needs.  Regardless, he needed something bigger to wear.  I keep telling myself that he will get it.  He will get it.  We have a reward board at home, several potties, I have read lots of techniques, we have books for him, we have videos for him, we have several potties and seats for him…  I just don’t know what else to do.  He will go on the potty.  He will tell them at daycare that he needs to go, but not at home until after he is wet.  We all ask him if he needs to go potty about every 30-60 minutes.  Sometimes he will let us know, other times he will hold it and then wet through onto everything.

I am at a loss.  I don’t know what else to do or to try.  I am limited on time and materials.  He is at daycare Monday through Friday and things are rushed at home.  I am lucky if I can get him to go twice a day on work days. 

HELP!  What worked for you?