Sick: Is There a way to Catch a Break?

Our family cannot seem to catch a break when it comes to being sick.  Well, now that I think about it, we can’t seem to catch a break.  Isn’t that the story for everyone.  Times are really hard for us all right now.  So why is it that we have to be sick on top of it all too?

It seems like ever since Sydney started daycare that someone in the house has been sick.  She has only been in daycare for a month and each of us in the house has been sick at least three times that I can think of.  Sometimes it is all at once and other times it is just one at a time.  I like it a lot more when it is one at a time.

What is really weird is that Kenneth goes to the same daycare.  So why is it that all of this is waiting until Sydney starts daycare?  It is like the super bugs are all in her class.  Nothing has changed since Sydney started daycare and I went back to work.  I just don’t get it.

A friend suggested Vitamin D3.  So once I started feeling sick this weekend, I went to Amazon.  Amazon is my friend when I can’t, or don’t feel like, going to the store.  And when one of us is sick, I want to expose as few children as possible.  Plus, I can fill my cart and let it sit while I think about it and do research.  I don’t think there are any stores in town that would let me fill my cart and come back the next day!  Plus, it saves me time, gas, and money most of the time.

We now have chewable D3 on the way for me and Kenneth and drops for Sydney.  I think my husband already has some.  But he hates to take pills and likes to pick his own.  I pick for the kids and me and then later when he thinks it is a good idea, he will follow.  If I find a Dr. Oz show about it, I know he will follow.

What else is there besides D3 and eating right that we can do when the plagues of daycare are attacking?  I don’t like to turn to over the counter medicine unless we need to.  And I typically will not take any while I am pregnant or breastfeeding.  I just don’t like to take chances.  Plus, most medicines tend to kill my milk supply.  So the more natural the better.  I dug out my neti pot this morning and now my nose is running like crazy.

What are you all doing to stay well?  And feel free to tell me you are clueless as to what to do as well.


  1. Vit D, C, zinc and echinacea too. You want to take a normal amount when you are well but really up the amount at any sign of illness. P sneezed on Monday, two rounds of vitamins that night for him. Woke up on Tuesday with a seal cough and very runny nose, more vitamins, fever that night and a mild one last night. More vitamins. Thursday he is still stuffy, no cough, no nap (if he's really sick he will actually sleep!) and riding his bike around the house driving me crazy. Tomorrow? definitely well enough to go back to school LOL

  2. Mama Momo says:

    I hear you on getting him back to school. I am ready for Monday mornings sometimes! And we try really hard with the vitamins. It is so hard to get him to eat anything though. He is getting better. We are able to get him to eat the gummy vitamins. I don't like everything about them, but it is all he will eat so far. And I am still on my prenatals. I did get D for all of us, even drops for Sydney. Kenneth will not eat them and Sydney is a fighter when it comes to anything other than a boob in her mouth. If I could dispense it to her through my boob, we would be golden! So I try to up my intake some since some will pass to her though the breast milk!