Stealthy Mama Shopper Giveaway #1

2/1/10 – I made a few changes to this to make it a little easier :)

I think I have generated enough interest to run my first giveaway as Stealthy Mama Shopper!  I am going to continue to do these periodically throughout the year.  I know not everyone needs diapers converted.  So I am going to give something we can all use, a $25 Amazon gift card.  I will send it to the winner through e-mail!  This is only open to individuals who can use the .com site.  I have no way to purchase it through others.  Amazon is great, but they do not allow cross over.

There is one goal this time.  Each contest will have one goal.  The goal is to reach 300 followers on blogger!  As soon as we reach that goal.  I will make the last comment to this post.  I will then use to pick the winner.  I will send an e-mail to the winner at their e-mail in the comment section.  They will be given 48 hours to respond.  Once I get a response.  I will announce the official winner for everyone to congratulate! The gift card will then be sent by e-mail to the confirmed winners e-mail address.

Now onto how you enter.  You only get ONE entry for each of the following per contest (NOT per day)!  Please make a comment for EACH item you do for ONE entry.  Once you do one of these, please post what you did and your e-mail in the comment.  One comment equals one entry (max of 13 entries for this contest = 13 comments). 

  1. Follow this blog with google friend connect (on the left).
  2. Follow this blog with Networked Blogs (also on the left).
  3. Subscribe to this blog through feedburner (on the left).  You will also need to click on the link in the confirmation e-mail to get this entry as well as make a comment.
  4. Vote for this blog on Picket Fence Blogs.
  5. Like Mama Momo online on Facebook.
  6. Like Stealthy Mama Shopper on Facebook.
  7. Follow MamaMomoOnline on Twitter.
  8. Follow StMamaShopper on Twitter.
  9. Email Stealthy Mama Shopper a suggestion (include product, where to buy it, and why).
  10. Tweet about this giveaway.  You must tag @mamamomoonline and @stmamashopper in your tweet.
  11. Post about it on Facebook.  You must tag @Mama Momo online and @Stealthy Mama Shopper in you post.
  12. Blog about this giveaway.  You must include a link to your blog post in your comment here.
  13. Comment on what topics you would like to see me blog about.

If you have any questions about this giveaway, please contact me.  I will respond to you by e-mail as well as post the question and answer here for everyone.  Chances are if you have a question, someone else has that same question.

Good luck everyone!  And if you don’t win, there will always be another one!


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