Stitch Fix #1 – June 2015

Thanks to a friend of mine, I decided to finally give this a shot!  I had been watching the company and figured it was worth a shot for $20.  I dislike shopping because I have such a hard time finding items in my size that I like.  I typically end up wasting a ton of time trying to find something and winding up at home with chocolate…or wishing I had chocolate because I couldn’t even bring myself to buy that after a failed shopping trip.  Life is sad without chocolate!

Before we went on vacation I filled out the style survey and put in all my sizes.  It asks you all kinds of questions.  Then they recommend making a style board on Pinterest.  And who doesn’t like to pin on there?!?  Side note, it bothers me that my spell check doesn’t know what Pinterest is and is trying to tell me I am not spelling it right.  Back on track… While at the happiest place on Earth, Disney World, I got a shipping notification.  After a stressful trip back due to delayed flights and rain on the highway, I had a magical box waiting at home for me!!!

I am pretty sure I opened that box that night.  Though I am not positive.  It was late.  Though I know I didn’t waste time the next day.  As soon as I took my shower I started to try everything on and take pictures!

There was a note to me from my stylist, cards for style suggestions for each item, a list of the items and their cost, the return package for anything I don’t want to keep, and of course 5 items picked just for me!!!

I loved that there was a personalized note.  Gladys took the time to look at my board and included items from it as well as others inspired by it.  Now time to dig in and try everything out!

Honestly, my first thought was that I was going to hate it.  I took the advice from an article I read and said I will try everything on and see what I really think.  So I did…

Turns out I love it!  It is light and airy.  I could push the sleeves up some too and it still looked good.  And I tried on the pants too that came in my fix.  More on those in a bit…

The jeans.  I loved the look and style of them.  They did fit me.  However, there is no way I am spending more that $30-40 on a pair of jeans unless they are absolutely perfect and I can’t live without them.  I tried them on though and you can see from the above picture.  I am about to show you why they didn’t work though…

My heel is near the top right and the ball of my foot is in the bottom left.  I don’t wear heels.  Heels and I don’t get along.  If I wear them, I may as well stay in a seated position because I will wind up right there on the group before and likely need to go to the ER.  And if I am already paying almost $100 for the jeans, I don’t have the money for the shoes to keep these from dragging and the ER visit to follow wearing the shoes.  They were really nice though.  But I figured I was better off saving lots of time, money, and pain by not getting these!  I must say, I have super short legs and a long torso.  It makes it next to impossible to get anything that fits right.  I tend to shop for tall shirts and petite pants.  It gets confusing…

Out of the box I fell in love with this print.  It is right up my alley.  Super cute.  Nice and long for my torso.  I honestly thought it was going to be perfect.  I wanted to love it…

Keep in mind that we had just returned from vacation.  So pants and skirts just don’t seem to fit the same.  I was a wee bit bloated.  I am trying not to shy from the camera.  No airbrushing!

I loved everything about it but the sleeves and the neck.  I just couldn’t deal with the cut.  I didn’t feel like the sleeves looked professional enough up or down.  There is just too much going on with them for me.  I really wanted to love it though!

Honestly, out of the box and by the pictures I thought it looked horrible.  I thought there is no way I am going to keep this.  What was the designer thinking.  Not just the designer with Stitch Fix, but the actual person who designed this…

With the pants from this fix and a shirt with a print.  I was pretty proud of myself for putting this together.  Especially since I liked it!

I tried it with one of my favorite skirts too.  I thought it went well together.  I need a better top for this one.  The one I had on wasn’t very flattering at all.  However, I love the back how it splits open.  At first, I thought they had lost their mind.  Now I am thinking they are genius!

OMG!  This was love at first sight!  I love the pattern.  I was a little worried about the cut of it and the length though.  And I pushed myself to try it on!

The picture does it no real justice.  It looked really awesome one me.  It did.  I was in love.  However, I need a petite.  I have these short little legs and they get me from point A to point B.  That is about it though.  They require anything long to be petite.

You can see in this picture that it was in love with the ground.  And I don’t wear heels.  The whole not wanting to visit the ER thing…

My legs were not the only shortage in this dress though.  The cut up top didn’t work with what I have to offer it.  I would need a serious push up for this.  And this dress is for comfort.  So there will be not pushing of anything in it.  I really loved it though.  I just needed something that fits me a little better.  It seriously pained me to return it.  I was going to make a few alternations to make it work.  But I decided no, I will hold out for a petite!

The process was super easy.  I ended up keeping the blazer and the dolman top.  The rest I sent back.  I told myself I needed to really love the items and for them to fit perfect for me to keep them.  I am trying to hold to that.  Therefore I packed up the other three items and took them to the post office.  I gave my feedback online.  I paid and checked out.  I was given the opportunity to make changes to my style profile and change the date of my next fix.

I have my third fix now.  I have to write about them too.  Playing a little catch up.  I have had at least two friends try it out too.  They give you a $25 referral bonus towards your next fix.  Which has been helpful!  If you decide to try it out, please let me know what you think!

Try it yourself and find out more information about Stitch Fix!

Check out my style board on Pinterest!