Support Your LOCAL WAHM and Small Businesses

I am going to touch on a few things in this post.  Some of them might kick up a little dust, but that is ok.  I am able to see things from so many angles now that I am not longer keeping inventory and trying to make sales.  I fell in love with cloth diapers.  I would give advice to others all the time.  So I thought, why not sell diapers and get paid to talk about something I love.  GENIUS, I though!  I thought, I am smart.  I just need to get a cart a few diapers and other items and I will be good to go.  This is going to be SO easy!

I buy a web domain – easy.
I get a free cart and set it up – easy.
I listed products on the site -easy.
Told some friends about my site – easy.
Talked to people about cloth diapers – easy.

(Read to the end…there is a point to all of this!)

Then I waited and nothing happened.  Hmmm…Lets toss some money at advertising. $$$$  Hmmm…This cart has been glitching.  I will switch to the goDaddy cart. $$$$  I need a logo to match my site and to be recognized.  $$$$  (Remind me to tell the full story of the logo and share pictures)  Make a few more sales.  I realize that my site doesn’t do everything I want it to.  I also realize that my logo isn’t right (Yes, almighty husband, I should have listened to you.  There I said it ;p ).  New web host and cart.  $$$$  New logo, web design, business cards, banners, THE WORKS! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (and all this after getting all kinds of products with the original logo on it…just recycled it all in October 2010)  More ads.  $$$$  Wait lots of time while my site is being done and I get all the products entered in again.  Had a second child and things had to change.  Took inventory out of my life.  This brings us to now…

So what is my point to all of this…  I thought this would be easy since I knew a lot about cloth diapers.  I thought that I could make a ton of money and quit my job.  I found out I was wrong.  There were so many wrong turns I took along the way.  I look up to the moms that are making it happen though.  It really does take a lot of trial and error.  I lost money on this business and didn’t have time to do what I really wanted to, spread the word and have more time with my family.  Oh…and I wanted money too…HA!

The mark up on items is only 20-40% in the cloth diaper world.  So I made around $7 on most diapers…WRONG!  These diapers had to ship to me.  And wholesale orders do not ship free like some stores.  If free shipping is given to you, that is taken from that as well.  Then there is the domain name(s), web hosting, packaging, web design, advertising, ad design, supplies, equipment, phone, internet, rent (if extra space is needed), the list goes on.  And the most expensive thing…TIME!  After all of that, it is $1 per diaper if you are lucky.  I will talk more about the time later.  I don’t mind that as much since I love to talk about diapers.  And I am not meaning to rant.  These are just things that I didn’t really think about ahead of time.

So what is my point.  My point is the moms that you see with the steady regular prices and have been around are working hard.  These moms know what they are talking about.  This is what they do to help support their family.  They are following all the rules.  They are providing superior service.  So then why is it that you go to them for information and then turn your backs on them at the first sale you see?  Why is it that you choose to buy from the big store, even though it is the same price?  Why is it that you ask for free diapers from the WAHM and then pay full price at the chain stores?  I am not bitter, I really want to know.

It is my goal to keep things local.  I want to try to do my part and support small businesses when I can.  Part of what I am going to be doing with my new services is helping moms in Virginia that sell cloth diapers.  I am going to BUY cloth diapers from them and review them.  I am going to buy all different brands.  I am going to work with them to let you know when they have authorized sales on their site and get something new in.  I am going to try to review new things as money and time permit.  I would love to get feedback from you all on the items I review.  I want you to try things with me and let me know what you think.

Please tell me what you think about all of this.  Feel free to tell me you think I am crazy.  Also feel free to tell me you agree.  Tell me about your local WAHM that you are going to help support through purchases and word of mouth.  And follow along with me.  This is not just for parents in Virginia.

And now it is way too late and I must go snuggle my little ones and get some sleep.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ~Yes, I know I am a little late 😉


  1. I struggle with the same things though I have not invested nearly as much money, hardly any in fact besides inventory and it has been profitable but I don't have the passion for it really anymore, sales are slow, the big guys will always get the sales so I am clearing out the stuff I have in stock and will just place orders for people who ask. I would rather focus on sewing now honestly.

  2. Mama Momo says:

    You were able to do so much of it yourself. I think it is amazing that you were able to and have such a wonderful site still. I just couldn't do it. I did a lot of head banging and gave up. I went the, toss money at it and it will get better route. Wasn't my best idea. But I am happy with my site for the most part. There are a few more changes that are going to be made as soon as I save up the money for them.
    I would rather focus on sewing too…for my own kids! I am not going down that path again. But I have been told wonderful things about your covers. And there are many that I have drooled over. If only I wasn't such a woo chicken! And my husband is not a fan of it.
    I agree though. It is so hard to be small and make it work. The big stores steal all the sales and everyone just looks for a deal. I don't blame anyone for that. Things are tight and we have to do what is best for our pockets and family.