The Difference Between Male and Female Clothing: Which Side?

 I know I had figured out the difference between clothing made for men and clothing made for women long ago.  I had more or less forgotten about it until today.  Most people say there are colors for men and for women.  I see it all the time in stores.  Pink is for girls and blue is for boys.  You see it all the time wherever you go.

When I was pregnant with our son, I said I would only buy gender neutral for the baby phase.  And then around the 20 week mark that all went out the window.  We found out it was going to be a boy and so I shopped for a boy.  Plus, if I had done that, it would mean he would only have yellow, green, and white.  Those are the three colors that are “allowed” to go either way!  Insert HUGE eye roll here!  And the only things you would find on them were ducks and bears.  That was just a little too boring.

So I went wild.  He had trucks, bikes, dogs, sports, dinos, and all the typical boy stuff.  It was great.  There were tons of colors too.  There was white, blue, green, black, orange, red, you name it.  There was every color except for pink.  You did see purple once in a while though.  But absolutely no pink.  And two years later I found out why…

When I was pregnant the second time.  I almost wanted to have another boy.  I knew what I was doing.  And I of course had all of the clothing he would ever need.  Fast forward to the 22 week ultra sound and it was a girl.  I was excited about all the possibilities.  And then I went to the store.  It shouldn’t be the girls section, it should be the pink section.  I found out why there couldn’t be any pink in boys clothing.  It had just been over done in the girls section.  And so I am constantly buying things I find when they are something other than pink.  And I love pink…just not enough to have my daughters wardrobe look like a red sock got mixed in with the whites.

So as if the drastic difference in colors wasn’t enough, there must be a side difference.  I went through all of my son’s old clothing (newborn to 18 months) and pulled out all the sleepers.  I refuse to get my daughter more pink than she needs.  So as I was getting the sleeper on her I was struggling to get the legs right.  I was looking for the side to bend and tuck her leg into first.  And I found that it was no longer on the right.  This made me flash back and remember pants and shirts. For men they all fold, buckle, zip one way and the opposite way for women.  As if we needing another indicator besides pink to show us the difference between the two.

So here she is in her brother’s old clothing.  And for the record, my son has 4 pink diapers and would request them.

And sorry for the picture quality.  It was taken with my phone.  It is the only way I can get anything done anymore.


  1. HappyMama says:

    Paulie has a pink diaper, too! I bought that color on purpose– I just love bright pink!

    At one point I think that pink was actually considered a "boy" color (because it's a softer version of red, and red is strong– something like that) and blue was considered a "girl" color, because it was associated with the Virgin Mary. Obviously, color assignments are completely arbitrary.

    My cousin's little boy *loves* pink– if that ends up being Paulie's favorite color, I'll run with it!

    I have to say, I *love* all of the dinos and trucks on clothes that are marketed to boys. And overalls– oh how I love overalls…