The Earth Moved in Charlottesville

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now.  I am still in shock and hearing the laughter from California on this one.  On Tuesday, August 23, 2011, there was an earthquake here in VIRGINIA!  It was a 5.8 and the epicenter was just a few miles away from us.  We are still feeling the aftershocks today!

I was at home with my sick daughter.  We had been to the doctor earlier in the day to find out that she has croup.  She sounded like a little baby seal.  It was really cute when she would do her happy sequel.  It was really scary when she would cough and breath though.  We were playing on the floor and my husband was on the couch.  We were waiting for our lunch to get there and then he needed to head to work.

All of a sudden there was this rumbling like thunder.  Then the house started to shake.  I had several thoughts that went through my head.  The first being, great, the washer is broken and just as bad as our front loader.  The second thought proves that I have seen too many cartoons and science fiction movies.  I had an image of a vehicle with the big cone shaped drills attacking our house.  And then as my husband looked at me, I had the same thought that he vocalized, “earthquake?”

I picked up the baby and all three of us went for the door frame to wait it out.  It seemed like it lasted forever.  It was only about 30 seconds long at most though.  She started to cry.  I only think it was because she was taken away from her toys and was still not feeling well.  We looked outside after it was over.  I then waited a few minutes to call daycare to check on my son.  All I could hear was crying and screaming from the kids.  They said all was well and so I left it at that.  We then called around to all of the family to make sure everyone was okay.  All that was working was the land line.  Our cell phones were useless.

The next thing I did was go to facebook on my iPod.  It was being really slow.  I didn’t see anything on there.  So I posted something.  Then it seemed like the last five minutes of information poured in.  And my post was actually after several of my friends.  And the news stations confirmed that it was in fact an earthquake.

I was still shaking for about the next two hours.  My husband felt an aftershock and asked me if I felt it.  I told him I didn’t feel a think since I was still in motion from the first one.  I did feel one that night though.  I thought that they would decrease intensity and tapper off.  Well it seems like they can go up and down.  Last night around 1 AM there was another one that was a 4.2.  I had just finished nursing my daughter back to sleep.  I had gotten up to check on my son when it started.  He was fine and so I went back to my daughter to make sure it didn’t wake her back up.  And then, I went to facebook again.  There I found several of my friends awake too.

This is all so crazy to me.  These things don’t happen here.  I have been trying to do research to see what is going on and what to expect.  But from what I have read, they are clueless since it is so rare.  Help me out here.  What are your experiences?  What do you think I should expect?