The Great Cloth Diaper Change: Become a Supporter

I will make updates to this page/post as needed.  Please check back often :)

I am looking for supporters for The Great Cloth Diaper Change Charlottesville, VA site.  There will be a few levels of sponsorship that I will outline here.  Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to be a sponsor for our site.

What am I looking for?
  • Gift cards to family friendly stores, restaurants, businesses, etc.
  • USA and WAHM made diapers, toys, and mom and baby products.
  • Monetary sponsorship to go towards the shelters, supplies, prizes, grand prize (a VISA gift card), and a donation to the Real Diaper Association.
  • Open indoor public location with no real restrictions on numbers and donations.
  • One witness for every 50 participants.  These people cannot be participants and must have some knowledge of cloth diapers.
  • Open to more suggestions.
 What else would I like from each supporter for goody bags?
  • Each participant will receive a goody bag.  Based on our location, that is a maximum of 100 adults/care givers.  I am working on an indoor location that will hold more people.
  • I would like 100 items from each sponsor to go in the goody bags.  This is only a request and not required.  It is just one more way to get exposure.  It can be one type of item or a mixture.  Here are the types of things I am looking for:
    • Business cards
    • Post cards
    • Fliers
    • Product samples
    • open to suggestions
How much do I have to donate to become a supporter?

I request that you donate at least $10 or a prize worth $10 to be listed as a sponsor.

What are the levels and perks of being a supporter?

Supporter levels are based on monetary and prize donations for this event.  Please tell me the monetary value of the prize or prizes you donate.

  • PLATINUM (over $150): One year of free advertising on this blog (All Things Mama Momo).  This can be in the form of a 125×125 button or 150×150 button to go on the right or a full banner at the bottom of the page.  As well as all lower levels
  • GOLD ($150 and under): Spotlight post on this blog (All Things Mama Momo).  This post could include all of the following: your banner, link to your page, a list of all your social media pages, pictures of your family friendly products, pictures of your family friendly business, and a mini online interview/question and answer.  As well as all lower levels.
  • SILVER ($75 and under): Listed on the sponsor page at your level with a link to your website.
  • BRONZE ($10 and under): Listed on the sponsor page at your level with no link.
Can I be an anonymous supporter?

Yes!  You will be listed as anonymous under your contribution level on the supporter page.

When do you need prizes and goody bag items to be received?

I would like to have everything no later than April 15, 2011.  If you are seeing this after April 15, 2011, I need all prizes the day I agree to let you sponsor.  No new sponsors will be accepted after April 20, 2011.  If you would like to contribute, please donate directly to the Real Diaper Association.

Where do I send prizes and goody bag items?

I will be adding a link to my site Mama Momo for you to make monetary donations.  You have the option to pay by credit card.  If you have prizes and goody bag items, I will e-mail you my address.  Please make sure you put everything in a waterproof bag (our mail person doesn’t bring anything to the door).  You might want to send your items through UPS or FedEx (just a suggestion).

I will make updates to this page/post as needed.  Please check back often :)