The Great Cloth Diaper Change: Participants

I will make updates to this page/post as needed.  Please check back often :)

If you would like to participate in the Charlottesville, VA area site for The Great Cloth Diaper Change, please e-mail me ASAP.  There is limited space, it will be on a preregistration basis only at this time.

Where? Pen Park – Shelter 3 (and Shelter 2 if needed)  THIS MIGHT CHANGE

When? April 23, 2011 – The main event will start at 12 PM.  There will be other activities that are in the works.

What? Bring a commercially purchased diaper (must have a name brand tag on it even if it is a WAHM brand) for the participating child/children to wear and another for them to be changed into.  You cannot use diaper that you made yourself (sorry!).  For each participant (baby/child 39″ or under) there must be a person to change them.  To be clear: one person cannot change two or more children.

Why? To make a world record as a part of the Guinness Cloth Diaper Challenge!

How? E-mail me to register.  Let me know how many in diapers 39″ or less will be attending as well as the total number attending.

There is going to be extensive record keeping for this event.  There will be pictures and video tape that will be sent in as verification.  There will also be paper work and witnesses.  It will all be worth it though!

I am extremely excited about this event.  There were a few things I had to scratch off of my list due to time restrictions and locations available.

What else will we be doing besides setting a world record?  There will be goody bags, prizes, and a few other family friendly activities!  Please contact me if you have suggestions.  There are too many restrictions for us to do a fair or carnival type of event (and the 60 day deadline has passed).  Still trying to find an indoor location so that we will have less restrictions!

I will make updates to this page/post as needed.  Please check back often :)