The Truth About Giveaways

We all love giveaways, right?  I mean, who doesn’t like to win free stuff?  When times are tight, it is always nice to get something that you would not have otherwise purchased.  The question is, are giveaways good for everyone involved.  In my opinion, they are not good for everyone involved.

The company that makes the item being given away:
Giveaways are great publicity for them.  It is one more place for their name to be mentioned.  If they are the one that sponsors the giveaway, it is one more link into their site.  Every link into their site will help their rating.  And the better your rating, the higher up you show in searches.  And this only costs them shipping and their product.

Now if they are not the one sponsoring the prize, it is still name recognition.  There is no guarantee that there will be a link to their website.  It will most likely just be a chance for them to have their name out there.  Again that is good for them since it will at least be one more place for their name.  People will search to find it if they want it and cause someone to get a sale.

The company that does the giveaway and does not make the item:
If they do the giveaway on another blog I do not think it will directly help with sales.  Most people will not be loyal unless there is a discount code.  It will be one more place that they will be listed.  Therefore it should help their ratings to get them closer to the top of searches.  That could then lead to future sales down the road.  I do not think it would really help them unless it is a big blog.  There are other ways to get your name out there.

Now the smarter thing to do would be to do a giveaway on their own blog.  That will drive readers to their own page and to their own blog.  This will help them to get followers.  This will help them to get their site posted on other pages.  It will keep people looking back for more.  At the same time though, this might not draw the audience you want.  This might only get the people that always bargain hunt and look for free items to win.  It will help your ratings and that might lead to future sales.

Why am I even bothering to write this?  I was new at all of this at one time.  I made all the mistakes.  I want to pass this onto others.  It also helps explain why I am doing my blog the way I am.  I know what it was like to get the emails all the time asking for free stuff.  I am not saying there is anything wrong with asking.  I am just saying that if you are going to ask, follow through and do a good job.  Be honest in what you write so that you can grow your blog.  And if you have a store, see which of the above you fit into and think about how you are handing giveaways currently.

And one thing I have to say is, bloggers, please do your research.  Do not send a form letter to every store you can think of.  Take some time and really look at the site.  Show them that you care and that you are willing to work for the giveaway.  I think you will have much more success that way.  And also, if they don’t make it, see if they will do a gift certificate or discount code in trade for an online interview or something.  Make it do that it really will help all those involved.

So now I ask, what blogs do you follow and why?  There might be a prize in it for one lucky responder :)


  1. I might have to respectfully disagree.. I found Goats Milk Stuff on a blog (newly wed, newly bred) that I dont think is too big. I found it on BabyCenter because the mom is on my birth board.. but anyway, she dis a review of GMS and now I am totally addicted and only buy soap from them now. I can see where you're coming from, but isn't almost any publicity, no matter if you have to give a good discount good if hi get atleast a few regular customers/followers?

    I don't follow any blows lately. I used to follow MCKmama, but she annoyed me and I dropped her. I follow people mainly on FB now. :)

  2. Mama Momo says:

    I am fine that you disagree. Things would be a bore if we all thought the same thing 😉 You are supporting my point though. That is one of the situations where I think it is a smart move to do other blogs. GMS makes their own products. So you can go to them directly to buy. I think that is smart of them. It drives traffic to their site and gets people interested in their products! I agree with you that almost all publicity is good publicity. I just don't want small businesses to think that they will get their rewards right away. And not all people will stay with you just because you give a code. They might that one time and then wait for the next code that may or may not be for your store.

    I think I might annoy people at times as well. I hope you find yourself coming back for more as I get more regular. I have some fun things in store. And I think a lot of people are doing to FB following now!