Thirsties Stocking and other news

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have now stocked XS Thirsties covers. We also stocked the new Thirsties Due Wraps. Please reply with your thoughts on them! I can’t wait to hear what you all think about them.

I am still running behind on adding inventory to my site. Items that I do not plan to carry at this time will be going on clearance soon. I also have some items that will be must haves on every holiday shopping list. Can we say Plan Toys!!! I have an extremely long list of items for my son Kenneth. He just loves them though.

In other news… I was VERY excited to see someone else in cloth diapers at my son’s daycare. It is an Apple Tree Academies daycare. So it is not an at home daycare that is more accepting of cloth diapers. I am doing my best to show others that cloth diapers are not just pins and plastic pants. We will get there!


  1. The Cloth Diaperin' Mama says:

    You're welcome! I first heard about you when my friend, The Monkey's Mama, featured you on Monkeys on the Bed. Your site is great. I hope that you get some snap service orders from my "name drop"! My pliers are working great on most things, but I will keep you in mind and continue to pass along your site!