Threaded Thursdays 08.08.13 – Candy Crush

I miss my sewing machines.  Yes, you read that right.  Machines!  As in more than one!  Why would a person need more than one?  Why because they do different things!  Those that sew understand!  I have a cover stitch machine, a serger, a typical sewing machine, and then a sewing machine with some quilting features.  I did at one time have an embroidery machine.  It was in a box…for over a year…possibly 2!  The only thing I removed from it was the users manual.  So I sold it.  I have used all the others.  Maybe not the cover stitch.  I will though!  I am determined.  It made it out of the box and therefore there is hope.  It was used and I got an amazing deal!  I have 3 projects that have been in the works for over a year!  Though my husbands Redskins blanket he might finally get for this winter!  All that needs to be done is put the layers together.  It should be a masterpiece since it has been around 2 years!  Life and kids happened!

JanomeThis is my Janome Cover Stitch Machine.  See, I even have the instruction book right there!

Thursdays are supposed to be my craft days.  Problem there is that see above.  Lots of unused machines.  This brings me to my paper craft supplies!  I love them!  I have used the newer ones from Stampin’ Up!  I do amazing things when I go to Heather’s House and finish projects!  This brings us to more boxes.  I have a Cricut in one box.  I have a lamination machine in another box.  I have a Gypsy.  I also have at least one cartridge.  No idea if any of it works.  Again, one day I will find out!  Fingers crossed it does and that the software isn’t outdated!

CricutThese are my boxes!  I am just impressed I know what is in them…

So since I can’t show and talk about crafts, I will talk about…CANDY CRUSH!  Yes, has nothing to do with it.  But when I am trapped in a bedroom trying to get the kids to sleep, it helps me keep my sanity!  Okay…maybe not!  Because the game drives me crazy!  I am on level 29 and those gel blocks hate me! I am also convinced that my iPod will freeze up anytime I am expected to win!  But it is what it is!  I gave into the temptation of the game!  And maybe this wasn’t THAT random.  I mean, I did have Candy Crush in the post title.  My advice…stay away!  If you don’t know what I am talking about, just close your web browser.  This is a case where you do not want to go to Google, Facebook, nor your Apps to do a search!  I warned you, so I can’t be held accountable!

One day I might have more substance.  Until then, I will keep writing in the same fashion I enjoy writing…random!  Or something!