Trademark and Patent H-E-double hockey stick

Let me just say that if you come up with a really cool name that you want to use…TRADEMARK IT RIGHT AWAY!  I am not kidding at all.  You have to claim it fast before it is taken.  Find a way to get the money earlier so that you can do it.  Otherwise, document like crazy and keep an eye on the directory to make sure that something similar is not put out there.  I learned this lesson the hard way…

I had a fitted diaper design that I thought was so smart.  I still do!  I was going to patent the idea too.  I had put in for a provisional for it so that I would be patent pending.  This would give me about a year to adjust anything needed and to continue to look to see if it was already out there.  It turns out there was something similar and we came up with the idea around the same time.  I let the application go.  It just didn’t feel right to pursue it just because she wasn’t going to do anything.  She sold her idea as a pattern, that I never purchased or had seen before.  One day I might make a pattern of mine.  But I will need to find a new name first.

I was going to submit my trademark application on my mothers birthday.  Had I done that, there most likely would not be a flip.  Well, the diaper would still be there, I just don’t know if the name would be.  My diaper was going to be called Flip2Fit.  I had logos, label designs, business cards, a website, and a trademark application in soon after flip put theirs in!  I wasted about $1000 on this.  It makes me sick…SICK!  It isn’t Cotton Babies fault at all…I don’t think.  The USPTO told me that our names were confusingly similar.  They also told me that I didn’t have enough showing that my name had been in use since July 2009.  Had I spend the extra $50+ to have labels made early and sewn them on the fitteds I sold, I would have my name.  I was told that everything on my website wasn’t enough; it was advertising only.  At that point I was not going to pay someone to try to get this to go through.  So I tried my best and lost.

This is part of what burned me out on sewing diapers for others.  I had put so much time and effort into this and lost it.  It burned me out.  It sucked all the energy from me, chewed me up, and then spit me out.  I am now going in another direction and will only sew for my children.  Maybe some day I will come back to it and come up with a really cool name.

Here are all the wonderful goodies I had for my site.  The web design was done by Kristi of WAHMPro.  Everything else was created by Heidi of Heidilyn Originals.  Both of them are so wonderful to work with.  They do all of my work for Mama Momo as well!

Above is the wonderful package that Heidi came up with for me.  I love it so much.  I told her I wanted something fun and boy did she deliver!  I am so sad to see it all go to waste.

I loved this website design that Kristi came up with from everything Heidi had already created.  It has been taken down.  I was tempted to keep it up just to look at the beauty of it.  Such a fun design.

So I didn’t want it all to go away.  So this is a lesson I have learned and hope you all don’t make the same mistake I did.  Not only did it cost me money I didn’t have, it cost me a beautiful idea and concept that took away my sewing mojo!  Don’t let the same thing happen to you.

And now I will try to let it all go so I can move on to something new.  Goodbye Flip2Fit, you were well loved :)