Tuesday Teasers 03.08.11

I have a new thing now!  Tuesday Teasers!  Tuesdays will be my days to tease you about products that I have or will test that the public hasn’t gotten their hands on yet!  These are things that I am only able to give you limited information on.  I have a few things that I am busting at the seams to tell you all more about.  So now it is time for TUESDAY TEASERS!

Cloth diapering parents.  You are going to want to take note of the two items I am talking about today. I will continue to tease about these until they are released to the public.  The first I can say a little more about than the second.  How is that for cryptic?

First up:  Hiney Lineys VERSA
This innovative cloth diaper system has already been announced on their facebook page.  Go search for them if you want to see for yourself.  I am not going to say more until next week!

Next up: Boingo
Do you Boingo?  You will want to once you see this product.  I have seen it and I will Boingo in a month or so.  You can try to find “something” for this, but you will not find much.  More next week!

And that concludes my Tuesday Teasers for the week.  More to come about these two next week!


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